The thing to do in Mumbai

For making an ideal list of to-do things, all you need is a backpack with essential stuff and a great Mumbai local guide for touring around. So, pull up your socks and get ready to enjoy the culture of Mumbai. Mumbai best explored on feet or local transport like- local trains, rickshaws, etc. Mumbai is one of the popular locations marked in everyone's expedition list.

Things to do in Mumbai

Hidden street food from the Gully of Mumbai

If you are a foodie, set off walking through the street of Mumbai's colonial heart and grab a refreshing dose of masala lime soda. For tasting and authentic flavored food, dive into a tiny Hindu temple that serves food in banana leaves covered in eight curries, pickles, and chutneys. Walking by the old building on the way to the train station, you can always pop into one of the best remaining Persian cafes and try their good apple pie and a delightful cup of Indian chai. The open door rails of Mumbai are commuter lines that give a peek into a real slice of Mumbai. Chowpatty Beach is a must-visit place to experience tasty and finger-licking chaat while witnessing melting sunset over Mumbai. The local eateries are full of their specialized menu ranging from a different type of mouth-watering kebabs. Never ditch Mumbai's desserts and its exotic flavored hand-churned ice-creams. Try tasting fresh coconut cakes too.

Mumbai darshan on a bicycle

If you are an early bird and want to take advantage of exploring the empty streets and cold air of South Mumbai by bike, then you are in luck to experience peaceful and calm Mumbai. The bicycle tour will give you a fantastic time of seeing devotees performing morning prayers, site seeing like the Gateway of India, and CST Station and empty streets will take you to hidden gems like Sassoon Dock and Bombay Panjrapole. End your tour greeting yourself with South Indian breakfast like dosa, idlis, vada sambar, and a lot more.


Visiting Red Carpet Wax Museum

Visiting Red Carpet Wax Museum as one of the famous art museums of Mumbai, consisting of more than 40 lifelike statues. Spread across1000 square feet; this is an age-friendly place. It has both information and entertainment sections. The ambiance here surrounded by theme. Each figure, along with its props, has been made with perfection. It takes 45 minutes to cover every part. Carry a camera or smartphone to get clicked with your favorite star.


Book a heritage tour

Mumbai still holds its history and heritage. Being a commercial capital of India, Mumbai gives you an excellent opportunity to visit caves of 'Elephanta and Kanheri', around 2000 years old. For reaching the caves, board an hour-long boat ride from the Gateway of India. These caves depict the historical art of rock carving, and the statues of Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Brahma, and many others can be dated back to the 5th century. After visiting Elephanta cave, board the ferry back to the Gateway of India. Explore Kanheri caves that allow you to explore the monastic life of ancient India. The beautiful architecture and carving of Kanheri roar proudly the history of the 1st century BC and 9th century AD. Wait! The list is inclusive of much more.