During Summer Mumbaikars dreams for Monsoon and the beautiful waterfalls that spring after the onset of rains. Mumbai receives heavy rainfall blessed with Mountains, Jungles, National Parks which are home to some of the most amazing waterfalls in Maharashtra. 

We have created a list of top ten waterfalls near Mumbai. Need a break from the chaos, parties, and stress visit these beautiful waterfalls. Spend your day just relaxing, soaking in the fresh forest vibes, make beautiful images to share with your friends and family. 

List of waterfalls near Mumbai curated from our years of experience exploring our beautiful state of Maharashtra. Please travel with caution kindly reuse instead of recycling, Kindly do not litter, Kindly do not swim in waterfalls. Always carry your garbage back to the city. Keep our Forest and Waterfalls clean and green. Check local weather before traveling join a group be safe. 

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The Best Waterfalls Around Mumbai For Your Next Adventure

Maharashtra Getaways Monsoon 

Every Year during Monsoon Maharashtra transforms into one of the hottest destinations in India. Deep Plunge Waterfalls, Valley of Flowers, River Rafting, Rain Forest, Greenfields, Raging Rivers, Fog covered hills, Beautiful Historic Forts, Buddhist Caves all call you to spend your weekends exploring monsoon treks. Sahyadri Mountain Range is an adventure seekers paradise. 


Why should you trek during monsoon?

During monsoon weather is more relaxing, trekking will help you connect with nature you can connect with more friends offline. If you want to move away from the traffic and noisy bars head towards the mountains and waterfalls for the thrill of adventure. 


How do you get ready to go trekking?

Trekking or hiking is more enjoyable with a fit body. You can get ready for the upcoming trekking season by following these essential tips to get healthy and build stamina and endurance.

  1. Start working on quick walks, and after you develop sufficient power, proceed with jogging.

  2. Stretching helps you recover faster pre-hike, and post-hike stretches are a must for all trekking expeditions.

  3. Regular gym enthusiasts can include cardio to improve stamina.

  4. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables. A choice of protein will help you recover quicker after the trek. Carry some snacks during the day to help maintain your energy levels.

  5. Hydration: Please drink a lot of water during the monsoon and carry some water filters like Lifestraw to avoid water-borne diseases if you want to try out mountain streams.

  6. Work on your posterior muscles and leg muscles and make them fit.


Things to avoid on your first trekking trip

  1. Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking a few days before or during your trek; this will help you build stamina and avoid dehydration. You will also feel healthier.

  2. Avoid carrying a large backpack; carry essentials; prefer a backpack with a rain cover; a wet backpack will get heavier by five times.

  3. Don't wear sports shoes, gym shoes, or sandals; wear proper trekking shoes and invest in good ones.

  4. Carry your trash home; we are all educated individuals. Littering slopes harms the environment and ruins the beautiful views.

  5. Keep your family and friends informed about your trekking adventure; in case of an emergency, they will arrange for help.

  6. Avoid solo trekking if you are a confident trekker. Please keep locals, families, and friends informed before you begin your trek and after you complete it.


Which trekking shoes to buy for monsoon hikes?

1. Campus Trekking Shoes - Learn more You can contact Chirag Karia - 8080802244 

2. CTR Trekking shoes by Coaster - Learn more 


Where to buy trekking clothes and backpack for monsoon outdoor adventures?

1. Outdoor Travel Gear - https://www.outdoortravelgear.com/ - Whatsapp 8080290520

2. MSA - Mountain Sport Academy 


    B/22, Shubham, Plot No.151, Part II, Gorai, Near Suvidhya High School  

    Nandu Chavan - 98920 42704

3. Add-Venture India 


    Shop # 11, Sai Sahara CHS, Kamladevi Birajdar Marg, Sector 21, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706

    022 2771 8845

4. Decathlon India - https://www.decathlon.in/ 


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