Did you know? You could enjoy the thrill of Bungee Jumping & Adventure sports right in the lap of Mumbai Pune in Maharashtra!

Did you know? You could enjoy the thrill of Bungee Jumping & Adventure sports right in the lap of Mumbai Pune in Maharashtra!

Bungee Jumping Kolad

Maharashtra is usually known for adventure sports and thrill activities. While with cities like Mumbai and Pune having a massive community of young thrill-seekers, they are forced to travel up North Rishikesh, Uttarakhand to satiate their need for adventure and we all know the face our bosses make when we ask for a leave!

So 'what's the solution? The solution is to find an adventure spot around the city, to experience over the weekend.

Kolad Bungee Jumping

Adventure Destination Kolad

For the people of Mumbai and Pune, one such option is The Kolad village where you can participate in high-thrill activities like Bunjee Jumping, Kayaking, and River Rafting in a fast-flowing river that will test your courage and will give you the adrenaline rush you miss in your regular city life.

The Kolad Village has situated 120 km from Mumbai Pune and is one of the most favored weekend getaways for Mumbaikars & Punekars. Established on the shores of the Kundalika river and offers unlimited options in adventure sports. Along with other things, Kolad makes up for a perfect spot for hiking, camping, and trekking in just 3 hours of drive from Mumbai/Pune.

For families, couples & groups of friends, it has some great and easy accommodation options to facilitate your needs as Group Dorm stay, Group cottage Stay, and Couple Stays.

A few Fun Facts about the Kolad weekend trip

  1. The Bungee-Jumping in Kolad is 45 meters high, and you directly jump into the face of the river below.
  2. Due to the release of dam water in the river, you get to Raft on free-flowing white water at a speed of 14 Km/h. That might sound slow, but 'it's pretty chilling when you're gliding over rocks at that speed
  3. You can cross the river Kundalika using the ancient Rope Technique. Imagine hanging on a rope to cross the river with half your body submerged in a fast-flowing river.
  4. There are 2 Forts and 26 caves nearby that you can trek to through a fantastic trail. Space is mostly unexplored and will bring out the adventurist in you. En-route you also get to explore carvings, natural ponds, ruined temples, and incredible views.

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Author: Anurag Pandey

Instagram: @BohemianBrahmin


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