6 reasons why Kashmir Great Lake Trek should be on every trekker’s Bucket List!

6 reasons why Kashmir Great Lake Trek should be on every trekker’s Bucket List!

Alpine Lakes

If you're a trekker, you know where your inner calling leads up to well, the answer always is the mountains. Mountains are majestic, incredible, and incomparable. They're not just prodigious but incredibly bestowing. The sheer emotions they evoke in you only when you look at them are unparalleled!

That being said, imagine a mix of green grasslands, clear water lakes & Snow coated mountains. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it? The good news is that it exists right here in our own country and we highly recommend this one trek on your bucket list!

Here's why!

1. Trekking in Kashmir is an entirely different experience than trekking anywhere else in India. It offers a series of unexplored meadows and lesser-known destinations.
2. Where else will you get to see Beautiful Alpine Lakes, Surrounded by tall mountains with a stretch of green paddy fields? The whole combination is unique and is almost rare.
3. A new lake on every day of the trek. Every day of the trek, you find a new lake calmer, more relaxed, and reflect your soul.
4. Unexplored trails. While many parts of Kashmir are highly touristy. The Great Lake Trek is attempted by real enthusiasts and might be the best place to meet up like-minded mountain maniacs.

5. It's quite a climb. It might sound like walking on grasslands and meadows, but this whole trek is quite challenging. You climb uphill every day of the trek for almost 6-8 hours, and the descent is a real challenge to your knees & toes!
6. It is far from the politics of Kashmir. While we believe Kashmir is absolutely safe for visitors & tourists, the media has tainted a final image for the state.
7. The trek is absolutely safe, and the local villagers are warm and welcoming. There are parts where you need to get army permissions to access, but again that's for your own safety!

To conclude, words may help you visualize but witnessing reality on your own will make you feel. So go and trek in Kashmir and while you'll physically return to your home, you'll lose your heart to the great lakes!

Author: Anurag Pandey
Instagram - @BohemianBrahmin