Few hours drive away from Pune you can find the most beautiful waterfalls in Maharashtra. During Monsoon from June to October is the best time to visit them. Each Waterfall has its own story and importance for locals — the large volume of water gushing down into deep valleys a fantastic spectacle. Visit to Waterfalls near Pune will help you calm down, you can slow down feel the moment and enjoy the forest vibes. 

Treks and Trails India has curated a list of best Waterfalls near Pune. Some of them are easy to drive while others will require you to trek. Waterfalls provide a respite after the long summer months. They offer a fantastic break from the hustle of Pune city life. 

During your visit, please reuse instead of recycling. Do not litter; carry your garbage back to the city. Avoid swimming in waterfalls be safe. Try joining a group who are aware of the route and natural hazards they will keep you safe. 

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