Zenith Waterfall Khopoli

Zenith Waterfall Khopoli

Monsoon Season

Everyone wants happiness in their lives, the source of joy varies from individual to individual, but the thing which binds us all together is our love for mother nature and the way she treats us, surprises us, and makes us happy. We all are different, but we all are similar.

Not all admit, but everyone loves the fresh air after a warm afternoon. After a soothing sunset after a hectic morning, the first raindrop, after the heat of summer which exhales out all the stress, inhales positivity and purifies your soul, which paves the way to make you smile inside.
Similarly, I was very excited and waited for the monsoon season.

Zenith waterfall Khopoli

Monsoon season makes a barren land look alive, lush greenery, raindrops piercing into our hearts, and replenish it with a new flow that builds new enthusiasm. Being a travel enthusiast, I stepped out of this monsoon to first visit the Zenith Waterfalls Khopoli Maharashtra. Mid-July, the rains had turned the weather incredibly fantastic and beautiful. My trek mates and I decided to step out to Zenith Waterfalls in Khopoli.

Zenith waterfalls is one of the most famous waterfalls in Maharashtra. It is located in Khopoli. Many travellers travelling to Lonavala Khandala in monsoon season take a visit to Zenith waterfall Lonavala as it is 14km away from Khandala Lonavala.

How to reach Zenith waterfall from Khopoli

How to reach Zenith waterfall from Khopoli station, there are many possible routes and ways to reach Zenith Falls. By road, one can drive to Zenith Waterfalls Khopoli, which is at a distance of 73 km from Mumbai. One can also travel by train to Khopoli and then take a local vehicle to Zenith falls, which is hardly at a distance of 2 km from Khopoli Railway Station. Zenith waterfall near Mumbai is a seasonal fall, and its footfall is huge throughout the monsoon period. Forest officers often ban Zenith Waterfall during heavy monsoon rains to avoid accidents and deaths of picnickers. Zenith waterfalls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls places in this district.

How to go Zenith waterfall Khopoli, It is easily approachable from Khopoli as well as the Lonavala railway station. You can count this waterfall as one of the most famous waterfalls in India. The trail to the falls is concise and easy to reach. You camp at Karjat Lakeside camping located 15 kilometres from Khopoli near the highway.

Waterfall near Mumbai

Waterfall in Mumbai is for all ages groups to enjoy and be grateful for nature. Khopoli picnic spot since it is a famous tourist site and close to Lonavala, a lot of people, visit the falls to enjoy monsoons. Khopoli dam and many other tourist attractions are there near Zenith waterfall. The weather was pretty cold and misty. The noise of the waterfall and the silence of water was the purest combination of nature. The moment you are near the waterfall and realize silence speaks.

Some trips, some plans, some places teach us so many things in much less time. The waterfalls taught us to respect nature. Zenith means the most powerful, and this power of life can destroy us within seconds. A great day to Zenith falls, enjoyed and explored something new and some astonishing views around the waterfall.


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