Vihi Waterfall – Ashoka Waterfall

Vihi Waterfall – Ashoka Waterfall

About Vihi Waterfall

Located Near Kasara Vihigaon Waterfall is famously known as Ashoka Waterfall. A song sequence from the movie Ashoka was filmed at this waterfall. Vihi Waterfall is located 12 km from Kasara. We took early morning train till Kasara Railway Station from Dadar we reached Kasara around 9.00 am. There are many Jeep Taxi available from Kasara Railway Station to reach Vihi Waterfall. Jeep are priced reasonably can accommodate upto 10 to 12 people easily.

How to Reach Vihi Waterfall - Ashoka Waterfall?

  1. Vihi Waterfall Local Train board Kasara Local Train available on Central Line starting from CST
  2. After reaching Kasara hire local Jeep Taxi till Vihigaon
  3. Vihi Waterfall Road Driving directions on NH3 take a left turn after 7 km from Kasara after 5 km drive you will reach Vihigaon Waterfall
  4. Nearest Railway Station Kasara station or Igatpuri station
  5. All Directions are easily available on google maps

Path of Vihi Waterfall

It was raining very heavily when we reached Kasara it started raining more. We waited for sometime till the rains eased up and took Jeep till Vihigaon we had also booked waterfall rappelling at Vihigaon. The Drive is very beautiful with many small waterfalls along the way. We stopped at a popular eatery Baba da Dhaba for breakfast. Roads on this highway are very good considering the amount of rainfall it receives.


Vihigaon waterfall located in heavily forested area waterfall is mesmerizing. Vihi Waterfall is very popular for waterfall rappelling many tourists now visit it. Vihi Waterfall (Ashoka Waterfall) is just 5 minutes away from car parking. Local Gram Panchayat is collecting modest entry fee and car parking fee. Vihigaon is very beautiful with a small stream and many check dams feeding the waterfall, rice fields and green grass and small mountains surround this beautiful village.

Food and Accomodation

Vihigaon Village doesn't have any restaurants for food or hotel for stay. Few local villagers provide food and place to change and toilets please inform them in advance when you reach Vihigaon. They will cook you simple but delicious meal. You can carry your own food and water. Vihigaon and Igatpuri are becoming very popular among monsoon tourist.