Visapur Fort Trek Blog

Visapur Fort Trek Blog

About Visapur Fort Trek

Visapur Fort is more massive and at a higher elevation than its twin fort-Lohagad. Within the fort are caves, cisterns of water, a decorated arch and old houses. Two roofless buildings surrounded by outer or veranda walls said to have once been Government offices. The ruins of a large stone-built house are known as the Peshwa's palace. In addition to a massive carving of Hanuman, there are also several temples dedicated to him scattered across the fort. Over the years, roads have been made right till the base village in the name of development. Every year during monsoon thousands flock to Lohagad for a one day Picnic. Many trek routes are leading to the fort the most famous one is from Lohagadwadi, also known as the waterfall route. Another trekking route starts from Patan Village and one from Bhaja Caves. Bhaja Caves route is popular among Visapur Fort Trekkers who want a more challenging way till the fort summit.

Visapur Information

Visapur Fort Height is about 3567 feet. Distance from Pune to Visapur Fort base is 65 km approx & driving time is 90 mins. Whereas Distance from Mumbai to Visapur Fort base is 105 km approx and driving time is 2 hr 30 mins. Trek difficulty is Medium to reach the fort, and it is a one day trek. Water availability portable water not available on the fort. You need to carry water from the base village. Visapur Fort can be a combined trek with Bhaja caves, Karla caves, Lohagad Fort and Bedse Caves. During monsoon, it is one of the best treks near Mumbai. For Food purpose you need to place an order with the local villager and return to enjoy the delicacy.

Best Time to Visit

Located atop a hill, Visapur Fort can be visited anytime during a year as its region remains fresh and pleasant throughout the year. However, during the monsoon season, the tracks become slippery and dangerous; therefore, you need to be careful while trekking up the Visapur Hill to reach the fort. If you are looking to explore Visapur Fort only when its beauty is at its summit, then the best time to visit is from October until the end of February. During the rainy season, it filled with dense fog and continuous rains visibility is poor and exploring the fort can be challenging.

How to Reach Visapur Fort Trek

By Rail: The best way to reach Visapur fort by rail is to catch a direct train to Lonavala railway station, which is well connected to nearby cities and towns. From Railway station, you can hire a cab to the fort, which is situated at a distance of around 15 km. By Road: The base of the fort is well connected to other cities and towns by road. Hence, you can drive on your own directly to Visapur Fort.

You can also get down at Malavli Railway Station and walk till Bhaja Caves. You can take the Bhaja Caves route or the Lohagadwadi Waterfall route from here. Both these routes are fun during the rainy season. 

By Road: The base of the fort is well connected to other cities and towns by road. Hence, you can drive on your own directly to Visapur Fort.

Visapur Scenery

I pondered in thought how awesome it is today and how much better would it be in its prime time. The royal decoration, chariots and horses. Troop movements and troop camp with Shivaji Raje himself standing. As from Visapur, one could get the entire view of Lohagad fort. As both forts are within striking distance, the British army captured Visapur and later also took over Lohagad fort. As i write my heart out and read-aloud – gives me goosebump. Thou summit to Visapur Fort is an excuse it will always call you again and again.

Trekking Route to Visapur summit

We start our trek with the Sun on our back and keeping Visapur fort to our left. There is a steep gradient uphill climb starting as soon as the trek path begins after a short walk. One can see the crumbled fortification of the fort to the left. A 45-minute climb should be sufficient. However, this is suited for experienced trekkers only. We continue our walk ahead, and a 30-minute gradual walk brings us to a village. We start our ascent to Visapur from here. A good paced walking, and we arrived at the entry to Visapur gates. Visapur is a vast fort it may take 2 hours to roam along the boundary walls.

Places of Interest

  • A couple of water tanks of the forts still have water even in early summer.
  • Remains of an old Mahadev Shrine
  • There is also a vast horse-driven flour mill with the grinding stone still in place.
  • Bedse cave is a 2-hour 30-minute walk from the base village.
  • Temple dedicated to Hanuman is also located on this fort.
  • One can also find a beautiful chiselled image of Maruti out of the rock.
  • A couple of isolated caves.
  • Some old house ruins.
  • A well which local legend says was built by the Pandavas
  • As we wander, you may even spot a few scattered cannons and numerous water cisterns.
  • Famous for the waterfall steps during the monsoon season.