10 Reasons why you should trek

10 Reasons why you should trek

For those who came in late, Trekking is a favourite past time of people from all age groups. People from different social backgrounds, cultures trek world over. Hence today I wish to share 10 reasons why should you trek.

Overview via internet

For all those who want to explore a new place, to know what around the place where you live. Explore maybe to a known or unknown part of a remote area. One would at times get company to explore, or maybe not. It’s the passion that dives you to a location. With easy internet access thanks to smartphone people are now aware and want to seek more. Check the road the less travelled. Hitch hike or backpack maybe for a day or few days.  One such article that I came across was about Kalavantin durg near Panvel Also listed as Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World is a must visit.

10 Major Reason for Trekking

Reduce Stress - a Relief to Relax

The energy and time spent while trekking is always an investment. One we trek it actually our in maintaining a good mental balance of our minds. Helping us stay positive. As I believe it helps us work out every muscle in our body. A few body muscles we may use occasionally. As we focus all our energy on trekking our body and mind starts releasing energy that was trapped in our minds. Thus been a great stress buster for all of us.

Stay Fit and improves fitness

We keep trekking regularly this will help us to boost your fitness level. In a way it will motivate us to develop ourselves to perform better than the last time. If its long duration trekking that’s going to happen as an individual you would need to develops yourself to meet the challenge. This can be done by regular work out at your local gym. The upcoming trek motivates you to work hard and train better. However, the end result is far better. As a good one-day trek near Mumbai or near Pune will burn substantial calories and help build muscle power.

A size fits all - Stay Calm

As a trekker you would try to make the most of things around you and explore option before coming to any conclusion.  Regular trekking will pop out new challenges for you at every bend. It could be in the form for a slow learning colleague at work or hyper active intern. Whatever would be the situation a trekker is best to handle it efficiently. Being flexible is another name for a trekker.

Better Traveller

Trekking will teach you to travel light and always have the things that you need with you at all times. Office meeting and conference will never be a hassle as it would take you only a few minutes to pack and unpack. Your body gets used to your backpack hence at time even if you have to walk a few miles to get a cab it’s easy.

Trek Networking

Trekking is a game that will enhance all capabilities. Right from organizing your own travel backpacks to returning back safely. Yes, it develops you in the form of a leader and a follower. When you start trekking you are a student and will always be a student. When you are outdoors you understand never to underestimate the power of Nature. Help your fellow trekker in the best way possible to ensure that you never leave them behind. It helps to building new friendship with people who share the same passion.  It’s very similar to people speaking the same language.  

Spiritual connection

A trekker does not belong to a religion / state/ nationality. It’s a bond with Nature and connecting spiritual while being outdoors. When you do Trekking and get away from your daily routine madness. Some regular trekkers say that trekking connects them to God, when with Nature. It’s an invisible connection to the realm of Metaphysics for me. At Treks and Trails, we wander off knowing our limits and understand where to stop and turn back. Yes, spiritually we connect with each other.

Changes your perception

Trekking in the Himalayan range or in Sahyadri mountain ranges or anywhere in the world will bring you an understanding. At times due some unavoidable situation you may not be able to complete a simple task. The reason could be many like heavy snowfall, rain or a leaking tent. But irrespective of the situation at time there would be little to could do about it. When you at back at your home or office and may face a similar situation. Instead of being frustrated you would know what going to happen and how much can be done. As an individual one our perception has changes you would indulge in a positive approach.

Stories to tell

Trekker will have a story fact or fiction, to entertain you. A story of an untold past. A new future that may never be happen. Or may be so gripping for your heart to skip a beat.  Story interesting enough to put you to sleep. For some it’s a poem every time they trek. It’s just the scenic beauty that ignites the flame. For it is right said when you travel and reach a mountain top remember the high stones there have a story to tell. You story is what may be required to breathe a lease of life into the next generation.

No Reason

Just trek for no reason, soon you will have enough reason to trek one more time. It is time to deliver. I must add its addictive.