Trekking Pole Benefits

Trekking Pole Benefits

How to use Hiking Poles Benefits of using Trekking Poles

Good Trekking Poles

Every trekkers should invest in good trekking poles it will help you improve balance and provide greater stability during your hike help reduce stress on joints and redistribute weight to reduce fatigue and improve on trail posture.When you’re out hiking on relatively easy terrain, getting into a rhythm can help the miles fly by. You’ll get into a groove where you stride and your breathing start to sync up, which will help you maintain your pace. Adding trekking poles to the mix adds another element to the rhythm and helps you stay focused.

Benefits of Hiking with Poles: And How to Use Them When Trekking

Benefits of Trekking Poles

  1. Trekking Pole provide Stability – Balance – Traction on your trek
  2. Lead with the pole with the opposite foot that is going forward. It gives stability balance and two points off contact with the ground every time providing stability and balance. Trekking Pole bottom will help you gain traction
  3. During Long day of hiking as weight starts to catch up and slowing you down using trekking poles will help you promote upright posture throughout the day it also opens up lung capacity taking in more oxygen you are sending more oxygen throughout the body keeping muscle stay stronger and longer
  4. Helps elevates all the pressure you have on your feet, ankle, knees and transfers it to trekking pole you can prevent impact injury
  5. With Trekking pole, you can move thorns/bushes/ overgrown shrubs/poison ivy/spider webs / prickly bushes away from your hiking path.
  6. Ability to probe muddy patches or water puddles
  7. Trekking Poles will make unnatural while trekking sound will help keep snakes and wildlife away from your trail
  8. Trekking poles can double up as an emergency defense mechanism to defend from wildlife or bears in case you need them
  9. Transferring some of the weight from backpack and knees to your arms and poles will help you reduce fatigue and keep you stronger and moving faster
  10. During uphill hike on each step all of the weight is driven down on to your knee by putting trekking poles in front of you can redistribute that weight and take stress off the knee and off the back and allow the poles to get you up the hill stronger and faster
  11. Similar stress occur on descend quadriceps muscle are also working overtime taking a brunt of that weight by getting the trekking poles in front of you redistributing that weight you can reduce fatigue and muscle burn
  12. Whether or not you have a heavy backpack on your back navigating uneven terrain can be difficult and even treacherous trekking pole come in handy as they provide extra stability and greatly improve balance
  13. Stream crossing provides a great example why it is far better to have three points of contact or four points of contact while crossing streams rather than two points of contact from your legs so that you can be more sure-footed while crossing streams

You should never go hiking without trekking poles