Monsoon is on the verge, and the humid clouds have started to drizzle. We are excited to spend our gloomy weekends under the heavenly waterfalls encircling the foothills of mountains near Mumbai. These cascades range from 45 ft to 656 ft in height, cruising their way through green forests and rocky cliffs, before ultimately plunging into infinity pools. The waterfalls will tender you with a much-needed swap in scenery and frame of mind. 

Along with whiffs of fresh air and warm atmosphere, they will guarantee to detach you from the hustle and bustle of cities and teleport you to a mystical universe of serenity. The cascades are aesthetically pleasing and are bright spots to engage in landscape photography. Most of these waterfalls also pack in some terrific rappelling sessions and hiking trails nearby that make these sites ideal treats for adventure junkies as well. Here's a list of ten such utopian waterfalls that will take your breath away.

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Waterfall Treks - Safety Precaution

Please read below points for your safety 

  • We do not allow swimming in waterfalls or streams during our event 
  • Treks and Trails provides a life jacket on occasions where it is safe for water sports. Mentioned in cost includes if we are giving life jackets during the event.
  • In case the waterfall is banned by local authorities we will respect it and won't conduct an event during the duration of the ban 
  • Individuals going privately on waterfall treks be safe and avoid swimming in streams, lakes, pond. 
  • If the weather turns terrible trek leader decision will be final to cancel the trek, it is non-negotiable considering the safety of the group.
  • Please wear dark clothes
  • Drinking alcohol or consuming narcotics substance is not allowed on our events. 
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