Nisarga Cyclone Rajmachi Village hit badly

Nisarga Cyclone Rajmachi Village hit badly

Nisarga Cyclone hits Lonavala Rajmachi VIllage

Nisarga Cyclone has hit Udhewadi Village, Rajmachi, and left a destructive impact. Twenty three out of the twenty-five houses have suffered losses. Roofs were blown away, home structure damaged, solar panel light systems destroyed, food ration got damaged. Udhewadi Village is reachable by dirt road famous for offroading and trekking.

Rajmachi Village is almost home to many trekkers and considered the favorite place for hikers. People are welcoming, and the food is fantastic. The location offers different views throughout the year. Cyclone Nisarga impact felt throughout Lonavala, Karjat, Mulshi area. Many houses at Rajmachi damaged beyond repairs.

Treks and Trails India adopting one villagers home

Treks and Trails India is adopting one home and will help rebuild the local villager life. Treks and Trails will provide for Roof, Solar Panels with solar inverter and solar battery. Rajmachi Udhewadi Village doesnt receive power due to its remote location, and It will provide for Safe, Dry shelter, clean water and electricity.


How can you help? Donation Drive by Treks and Trails India.

We are collecting funds to buy this equipment?

You can donate to our account which will help us arrange this equipment faster and before the monsoon begins. Roads to Udhewadi are unmotorable during monsoon season. Any amount is welcome as a donation.

You can send your contribution to help in the below account.
Account Name: Treks and Trails
Bank Name: Axis Bank
Account Number: 917020047534079
Branch: Churchgate - Mumbai
IfSC Code: UTIB0000695
Account Type: Current Account

Upi id - 8108663342@upi
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After your contribution to the cause please Whatsapp Neil 8108663342 or Saniya 9552511806 with the screenshot.

Please note: We are not an NGO, so we won't be able to provide any tax exemption certificates.

For any questions or suggestions, please email us connect@treksandtrails.org.

More information on the Cyclone hit Rajmachi Village.

The road leading to the village is damaged and difficult to navigate with many trees fallen on it. Many houses are damaged, furniture, and electronic appliances. Walls of the house have fallen. The village had one well-made house all the villagers took refuge in that house as trees were falling around their homes. Locals did try to save what they could, but the size of the storm was way too large to handle. It is necessary to help them soon before the monsoon begins so they can survive the monsoon season.