One day trek to Lohagad on 14 June 2015, Sunday

Lohagad Fort
Fort: Lohgad.
Region: Lonavla.
Height: 3400 ft
Grade: Easy
Lohagad “Iron fort” is one of the many hill forts of Chatrapati Shivaji. It divides the basins of the Indrayani and Pavna of the Sahyadris range. The Visapur fort is located on its eastern side. The four large gates of Lohagad are still in good condition and reasonably intact. Historical records show that in the later Peshwa period, Nana Phadnavis (1742-1800 AD) built several structures in the fort.
Your journey starts from Loanavala
People interested should board Indrayani express train
Please purchase your ticket till Malavli station. & lets meet at Lonavala station.
Anyone interested can call or whatsapp on this number:- 8828746865 / 8828004949
Train Timings for Indrayani Express
CST 5:40 am
Dadar 5.51 am
Thane 6.14 am
Kalyan 6.35 am
Lonavla 8.00 am
Move to Malavali by local train (8:10 am at Lonavala station platform no 3).

Night trek to Peb Fort - Vitakgad - 20 Dec 2015

Category: Night Trek 
Level: Medium 
Duration: 1 Night and 1 Day 
Cost: Rs.500.00
About Peb:
Fort Peb, also known as Vikatgad is situated at a distance of 3-4 km on west side of Neral. This is the most beautiful one-day trek near Mumbai, especially in monsoon. To avoid crowd at hill stations like Matheran, nature lovers must visit this fort. The fort derives it name from the Goddess ‘Pebi’; The fort is also named as ‘VikatGad’ for its supposed shape of the Elephant Headed God, ‘Ganesh’. Historical references clearly indicate that Shivaji Maharaj used the caves on the fort as silos for grain storage.

Fireflies Night Special Trek to Rajmachi and Kondane Caves on 30 - 31 May 2015

Type: Hill Fort
Height: 3600 Feet above sea level (Approx)
Grade: Easy- medium
Range: Karjat Lonavala
Cost: Rs 1000.00
Who are these beautiful Fireflies: Fireflies or lightning bugs make light within their bodies. This process is called bioluminescence and is shared by many other organisms, mostly sea-living or marine organisms. Fireflies light up to attract a mate. To do this, the fireflies contain specialized cells in their abdomen that helps to create light.

Rajmachi Fort 

Rajmachi Fort has two stronghold forts, Shreewardhan and Manaranjan. Visible from Mumbai Pune Expressway on right hand side of Borghat. It is a famous spot for trekking. Rajmachi Fort is 16 km trekking distance from Lonavala there are many routes to reach Rajmachi Fort. We will be camping at Udhewadi Village located below the two Balekilla. Surronded by huge waterfalls during monsoon you can view the beautiful kataldhar waterfall from Shreewardhan Fort. Rajmachi Fort has many caves used by trekkers for night halt. Pre monsoon the forest around the forts is glowing with Fireflies at night. You can also trek towards Kondane Caves during monsoon and enjoy the beautiful caves and waterfall. Rajmachi Fort is located strategically overlooking Borghat an historical trade route. 

Places to visit at Rajmachi Fort 

  • Udaysagar Lake constructed in 1712
  • Temple of Mahadev by the side of Udaysagar Lake
  • Temple of Bahiroba on the plateau near Shreewardhan and Manaranjan
  • Fireflies pre monsoon only 
  • Kataldhar waterfall during monsoon only 
We meet at 17:15 Hrs (sharp) at Lonavala Railway station on Saturday 30th May 2015. We all can come by the 11009/Mumbai CST-Sinhagad Express, timings are:

Join Treks and Trails on the tour to Andaman island

 14th to 17th May 2015  (Batch I)

13th to 16 August 2015 (Batch II)
The Andaman Islands form an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal between India, to the west, and Myanmar, to the north and east. Most are part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Union Territory of India, while a small number in the north of the archipelago, including the Coco Islands, belong to Myanmar. The Andaman Islands are home to the only known paleolithic people, the Sentinelese people, who have had no contact with any other people. The Andaman islands have been inhabited for several thousand years, at the very least. The earliest archaeological evidence yet documented goes back some 2,200 years; however, the indications from genetic, cultural and isolation studies suggests that the islands may have been inhabited as early as the Middle Paleolithic. The indigenous Andamanese people appear to have lived on the islands in substantial isolation from that time until the 18th century CE. Andamans are theorized to be a key stepping stone in a great coastal migration of humans from Africa via the Arabian peninsula, along the coastal regions of the Indian mainland and towards Southeast Asia, Japan and Oceania*
* source Wikipedia
Type: Leisure Tour
Minimum Count: 4
Maximum Count: 20
Last date: 07 May 2015 to register (Batch I) and 01 August 2015(Batch II)
Duration: 2 Nights at Port Blair + 2 Nights at Havelock
Tour Contribution: Rs 11600.00



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