Getting into hiking is not very difficult as long as you are willing to make the effort. But what if you have never done any hiking in your life? The wilderness can be a scary place and you need some expert advice to learn. 

Hiking is a great way to channelise your inner-self. Hiking can be challenging and tiring, but if you prepare for it right, you can enjoy the best of it without much hassle. This collection of September treks in Maharashtra, so you can have a great time without wasting too much time and money.


Trek in Maharashtra

Enjoy nature on a trek. We have some of the toughest treks available, as well as very easy ones. Get some great pictures, enjoy nature, and have a good time. See what we have at treks in Maharashtra. Choose from the best trek in Maharashtra. 

Hiking in Maharashtra. Find the best trek routes in Maharashtra. Get the best Hiking Trail in Maharashtra. Find the best trekking in Maharashtra here, from the most difficult trek in Maharashtra or the toughest trek in Maharashtra to the easiest trek in Maharashtra.

Hiking Tips

Hiking is an activity that helps us to re-think life and all its aspects. To get a better experience, one must follow some hiking tips. You must know what and how to pack for hiking. Further, you must know the type of shoes and clothing you should wear. Also, you can consult a hiking expert to know about the best hikes.

Further, you can look into the best-rated hiking groups to join. Further, you should look into the factors such as how to be prepared physically for hiking and what to do if you get lost.


Kalsubai Trek

Enjoy a trek that is a tremendous challenge if you’re a trekking enthusiast or a nature lover. You’ll love the Kalsubai trek. Kalsubai night trek offers amazing sunrise during the winter and summer months. 

Kalsubai trek height 1646 meters. If you haven’t already, you’ll love it! Kalsubai trek distance is seven kilometers one way. Explore Nature! Kalsubai trek from Pune and Mumbai options are available now. 


Kaas Plateau Tour

Kaas plateau, Maharashtra's biodiversity hotspot, is one of the few remaining sites globally that humans have still not infringed upon.
It is among the last few sites globally that support many plant and animal species in such a small area. Where is Kaas Plateau? Kas Pathar is Located 25 kilometers from Satara and 60 kilometers from Mahabaleshwar. 

Kaas Plateau Tour
Kaas plateau season is from August to October during the rainy season. Kaas plateau's best time to visit is during September and October. It is called Kaas Pathar in Marathi. 

Where can you find heaven full of flowers in the concrete jungle? You can see carpet of flowers, walk with colorful butterflies in the background, fresh air, mild weather, and all-around nature.You can enjoy nature and its artistic beauty, make your friends and family enjoy in the middle of nature with flower spotting activities in Kaas plateau. Kaas Plateau Tour from Mumbai and Pune available.