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Trekking adventure in the Sahyadri

If you're looking for a trekking adventure in the Sahyadri, look no further.

Upcoming Monsoon Treks! We offer treks to some of the most beautiful places on earth. You'll be able to see mountains, valleys, jungles and waterfalls, all while being guided by experienced guides who know these areas inside out.

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Looking for an adventure this monsoon?

You'll find it all in the Sahyadris. From the lush valleys to the fog-capped mountains, there is so much to explore and experience. Trekking through these regions will be one of your most memorable experiences. Our experienced guides know every inch of these trails and can help you plan a trek that suits your needs and abilities. We offer hikes from 1 day up to 3 days long, with varying degrees of difficulty depending on what you're looking for!

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