Ten Tips to Trek Like a Pro in Monsoon

Trying to find the best gear for your next trek? Monsoon Trekking Tips will provide readers with all of the information they need to prepare for their next adventure. It will help you with packing tips, staying dry and comfortable, and even how to avoid blisters. Check it out today!

You'll be able to get information and ideas on everything you need in one place from rainwear for hiking, backpack rain cover, good phone cover, keep gear safe, trekking shoes and dry clothes. We've got it all covered, so there's no excuse not to go!

Pointers to become a pro at Monsoon Trekking.

1. Use a dry bag or plastic bag to protect everything in your backpack

Most trekking bags come with a rain cover. Although the rain cover is helpful as the first line of defense against rain, it cannot block torrential rains. Your backpack will get wet, and water will seep into the rucksack and soak your clothes and electronic gadgets. A dry bag is the best accessory for keeping your clothes and device dry in the monsoon trekking season. You can also use thick plastic bags to warp clothes and gadgets and store them inside your backpack.

Visapur Fort Trek

You could also practice compart mentalizing your garments, shoes, and electronic devices in your backpack. In this process, you won't be hastening about your things inside your rucksack.

Pro Tip: Clean and dry your rain cover, dry bag, and plastic bag after completing your trek and store them inside your backpack for your next monsoon trekking.


2. Are you looking to keep your gear safe and dry during monsoon trekking and then invest in rain cover and rainwear?

The best way to protect your backpack, clothes, and gadgets from the rain is with a rain cover. You can also invest in waterproof clothing like jackets, ponchos, pants, gloves, hats, and dry bags! These products will help you stay dry while on your adventure.

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Make sure to purchase these products before heading out on your next hike or trek through the rainy season! Stay safe in wet weather conditions with this rainwear that will keep you comfortable no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Pro tip: Invest in a mobile rain cover during the trekking in the rainy season; we see many hikers' phones are filled with rain spray or rain mist and need replacement once they reach the mobile repair store.


3. Bring extra undergarments and socks

Monsoon trekking season is coming! If you're planning a trek in the MonsoonMonsoon, then you need to make sure you stay safe and dry. Walking in wet socks and wet undergarments is not advisable for long periods. You will get blisters and rashes, which will make your trekking experience worrisome.

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Keep at least three pair of socks and two extra undergarments for a day trek in the rainy season. You'll be able to enjoy your hike without worrying about what might happen if it starts raining unexpectedly.

Pro Tip: Regularly change into dry outfits as soon as you arrive at the base village or campsite. If you stay in wet clothes, you will feel cold and develop rashes quickly. If you are trekking for more than one day, you can keep the wet clothes for hiking and use dry clothes for camping.




4 Always wear a sun cap and a rainwear hood over it in heavy rain

Trekkers in MonsoonMonsoon find it difficult to see during heavy rainfall. Rainwear or Jacket hood falls over the eye line and makes it difficult to look straight and walk. Hikers tend to look straight down and walk when it rains heavily.

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Wear a baseball cap that has longer visors and then covers it with your jacket hood on it. This way, you can see better and avoids rainwater entering your eyes, giving you better visibility.

Pro Tip: Baseball caps have more oversized visors, ideal if you wear glasses. The baseball caps' Large visors will keep your sunglasses dry for more extended periods. It would be best if you also kept the microfiber cloth handy to wipe your glasses if they fog up or get wet to avoid scratching them.



5 Bring extra floaters and all-season sandals.

Do you love hiking in the rain? When it rains heavily, your trekking shoes will get wet all brands and however good your trekking shoes are. Extra floaters help you with a river crossing and on days when your shoes are too wet to wear. After reaching your campsite or base village, you can change into dry sandals and relax your feet. If your boots break due to getting soaked, you will always have an extra sandal to fall back. You won't have to worry about getting blisters or rashes from wet socks anymore!

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Pro tip: Carry a dry bag for your sandals and shoes always to store in your backpack. At your campsite, keep your hiking shoes away from the sides of the tent and wrapped in a plastic bag to avoid them from getting wet if it is raining at night.



6 Buy Mobile phone cover and dry bags for valuable electronics.

If you are carrying DSLRs, expensive phones, camera lenses, drones, and other expensive electronics, investing in dry bags is a must. These bags are entirely waterfall and are inexpensive. They come in different sizes, from 10l to 40l, and will save you tons of money on repairs. You can also invest in 360 covers for mobile phones like LifeProof to help you use the phone in heavy rainfall. These two gadgets are inexpensive and will protect your expensive electronics.

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Pro Tip: If you cannot find dry bags buy some ziplock bags that provide better protection than plain simple plastic bags.



7 Smartwatches for trekking in Monsoon?

Looking for a new smartwatch for the outdoors? Smartwatches are connected to your phone via Bluetooth. They will help you receive calls instead of removing your mobile phone from the safety of your dry bag.

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Smartwatches are waterproof and can withstand heavy rainfalls. They come with ABC Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass helpful for predicting weather, direction, and distance left. New watches also have maps built in so you can navigate quickly in low-visibility areas. You can also send out SOS warnings if you ever needed rescuing.

Pro Tip: Smartwatches will drain your mobile phone battery and keep them in battery-saving mode. Most required innovative features work in the battery-saving mode and extend battery life by days.


8 Managing your tent and keeping your tent zipped at all times during your camping stay in the Monsoon.

Water will seep into your tent if they are not appropriately zipped. During Monsoon, tent color and lights will attract many insects and animals also look for dry and warm areas for shelter. In Sahyadri, you need to watch out for snakes and leeches while camping in the Monsoon. Keep a flashlight handy to check all corners before entering your tent. Also, invest in a camping mat as it will keep away from the ground insulated and warm.

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Pro tip: Carry an umbrella; it comes very handy at your campsite; instead of gearing up for rainy weather, you can move around in your dry clothes quickly. The umbrella comes in handy if you need to use the toilets while camping.


9 Bring an Umbrella in your backpack

Umbrella is very useful at the campsite for going for emergencies. Umbrella also comes in handy for creating images. You can safely hold your camera under the umbrella for that perfect capture. Umbrella also will help in case you don't want to gear up in rainwear completely.

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Pro Tip: Umbrella is better on days when the rainfall is not heavy or falls in patchy periods. It will also protect you from the sun and help you dry faster.


10 Invest in good trekking shoes

Attention: Looking for a new pair of shoes? Trekking is an outdoor activity that takes you to the most remote places on earth. It's about pushing your limits, exploring nature, and discovering yourself. And it's about being comfortable while doing it. That's you need footwear with grip, comfort, and protection in mind so you can explore without worry. When monsoon trekking, dry feet, toe protection, and ankle protection are must in hiking boots explicitly designed for this purpose.

Monsoon Trekking Tips

Pro Tip: Invest in Campus trekking shoes; if you are trekking in a slippery area, they provide excellent grip. We suggest wearing them once and trying them before buying the Campus trekking shoes online. Also, invest in the extra sole for the campus trekking shoes as they have rigid inner soles.