There is no better option than a camp vacation in Pune to celebrate New Year Eve. It is a fantastic idea as there are more than a few camping alternatives to greet the New Year in a quiet and tranquil way.  
This New Year’s Eve, think of overtaking your hectic schedule from the city and celebrate 2020 in a rural atmosphere. Certainly, camping in Pune is more than just delighting in the new locations, chilly nights, uncountable stars, al fresco DJ, beautiful light effects, bonfire, and delectable food. It’s will for sure be the wildest night that you’ll remember for many years to come. When it comes to our campground, it promises to bring you a remarkable arrangement of dance, amusement, and adventure camping. Our camping events are just apt for couples, families, students, and even business team outings.

We’re well-equipped to rejoice and bring your New Year experience to exquisite next level of camping. Here, a beautiful scene of sunset along the Tung fort nearby the lake is something that will make you go astray in its splendour. So, brace yourself to get on the dancing floor and like the hot appetizing BBQ that our cooks prepare for you while you will be busy at the party and having fun. As we are welcoming 2020, so it has to be exhilarating with a blow from our team. 

Also, we know that jam-packed clubs and city-lights are something you are planning to ditch on this New Year Eve in Pune. You can expect to celebrate this big day at these camping destinations, not so far from the city, to enjoy some live music, meet up with cool people, and go for some adventure sports including trekking, rafting and so on! 

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New Year Camping - Frequently asked questions

Highlights of Camping 

1. Campfire

Bonfire is vital to keep you feeling warm. If you are a real camping fan and love to travel around, like the real camping & barbeque experience, want to enjoy at the camp in the night around the bonfire, this camping event made for you. Plan spending one night at lakeside camping in our welcoming tents under the stars & moon, and you’ll thank you for this. 

2. Live Music

Let’s introduce our live guitar performances to you – these pledge to make you rock in and out. Nighttime is when you can sing along with the performers; don’t hesitate to allow your inner bathroom singer to show its talent. So, again, this is for all families who are in the hunt for an exclusive experience into the outdoors. Rather than hotels but with full protection.

3. Star Gazing

Just try to visualize spending the very first moment of this big day in fresh cold winds with the exotic moonlight and infinite stars winking at you.


4. Water Sports

White Water Rafting and Kayaking are out of the ordinary sports near Pune. Here, one more electrifying activity is waterfall rappelling that is very much famous amid adventure seekers from all over the country.   


Why Should You Go Camping? 

If you are a nature lover and seeking silence in the mountains, it is the best chance to connect with nature. Apart from this, all camping locations near Pune are just fantastic for photographers to capture some beautiful memories. However, people also go camping here to experience different cool night camps in Pune, amazing sunrise & sunset, and much more than this.  

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