Tikona Fort

Tikona Fort

Unplanned Trek Tikona Fort

Tikona Fort Trek, located near the Pawna Lake, is an easy one day trek around Lonavala. It is one of the famous forts for trekking on the arrival of Monsoon for Mumbai Pune Trekkers. On the weekend, you will find thousands of tourists trying to summit the mountain. During the rainy season, the weather is pleasant and refreshing around Tikona Fort Trek, located near the Pawna Lake, is Lonavala making it easier to trek around Maharashtra. Most hikers won't trek around Lonavala during the summer season as it is hot, humid, and challenging and can lead to a dangerous situation for any hiker due to dehydration. The heat is intense during the day, and most forts are closed from Sunset to Sunrise in Lonavala. The arrival of rainy season excites hikers, and they rush to the mountains with their friends and family.

Tikona Fort Blog

Monsoon season started with few showers here and there it got us excited to visit the Lonavala region for a small trek and meet our friends before the start of monsoon treks around Lonavala. We decided to leave early morning to avoid the intense sun during the day. Our journey started at 6 am from Andheri Mumbai. We took a stop at Kalamboli Mcdonalds for coffee and some breakfast. We planned to drive nonstop now till the Tikona Fort parking area and avoid wasting daylight. However, the foodie in us takes many pit stops for small snacks along the way at our favorite restaurants. The drive one Mumbai Pune Expressway was plesant. It was overcast though not raining we were excited about the prospect of trekking in heavy rains. During monsoon, you dont get tired much on your treks as the weather helps keep your body temperature fresh, and you dont feel thirsty often. We entered Lonavala bought more snacks like chikki, fudge, whole fruits, and some juices. It was feeling more like a picnic now than a trek. We stocked almost for a two-day trek our backpacks were going to be heavy soon.

Lonavala Finally

We took a right turn from Kumar Resorts, passing the Lonavala Railway Station and Lonavala market towards the Dudhiware Khind. The Forest below the Lohagad Fort had clouds and fog floating carelessly around. We soon reached the Pawna Lake Camping area the drive was very pretty now the lake on the right side and the Lohagad and Visapur Forts on the left side. We could see Tung Fort standing tall on our righthand side. The lake water had started to fill up fast from the many waterfalls and streams feeding it from the rains in previous days. We passed Thakursai and Malvandi Lake, Tikona Peth, and moved towards the parking area, which was few kilometers away. The large entry gate for Tikona Fort welcomed us from here; the road is narrow and not good. All roads in this region are getting upgraded and widen due to increased traffic of tourists and large Volvo buses plying to the nearby hotels on the Javan Tungi Road. Javan Tungi Road connects the Hilton Shillim estate retreat and spa from Tikona Peth.

Unplanned weekday trek

Our unplanned trek was on a weekday. There were only a few bikes parked. We knew the crowd would be thin on the Tikona trek. After sorting our bags and carrying enough water and essentials, we began our trek. The trek route well marked with path maintained by locals. We reached the ridge in thirty minutes. We finally could see the vastness of the area Tikona Fort guarded. While climbing towards the fort summit on our left-hand side, we could see Malavandi Lake, Tikona Peth, Pawna Lake, Lohagad Fort, Visapur Fort, and Maval region.

Monsoon fresh

We took a right turn and continued our trek the views just kept getting better. Now on our left side, there was Chota Hemkund Sahib Begampura, Hadshi Lake, Tung Fort, Javan Tungi Road. There are a few small Dhabas on the trekking path, mostly operational during the monsoon season and the weekends. The climb is natural and not so steep. Before the first gate on your left side, the valley exposure is there, but the trail is wide enough, and you should be able to navigate it with ease. We kept moving ahead we could see a warning sign under the Burj about rock falls. It is better to stay clear of this area on your left-hand side.

Fort Restoration

A local officer stopped us near the Dhaba before the caves, and he requested us to fill the form and mention our contact details. We spoke to him. He explained to us about the restoration project and safety projects that were going on in the Fort. We visited the caves. There were few monkeys nearby who are known to grab eatables and anything hanging on your bag like a compass, sanitizer bottles, badges, be cautious. Few temples we sought a blessing from along the way Chapatdan Maruti, Tuljadevi Temple, you will find a large Old Stone Grinder nearby. There are few rock-cut water tanks available near the cave. The water of the cave is still potable. There are a total of seven water tanks on the Fort. They play a massive part in harvesting rainwater and recharging groundwater in the nearby villages.

Caves from the Satvahan Period

Walking ahead from the caves on your left-hand side, you will find the rock-cut steps that take you to the Fort's summit. These Rock cut steps are steep and tall, steel chains installed on the sides for support. Steps recently repaired to make it safer for a large number of hikers visiting on the weekend. There is hardly any tree cover on the trail wear hat for sun protection. After climbing the steps, you will find caves on your right-hand side. These caves believed from the Satvahan period. You will always find a few common structures on most of the forts, like caves and rock-cut water tanks, many paths leading to the summit and hidden exit routes.

Tikona Fort Summit

Finally, we reached the summit it has a small plateau the shape of Tikona Hill Fort is a triangle in the way and hence the name Tikona Fort. We visited the Trimbakeshwar Mahadev temple for blessing. You can see the following places on the summit a large water tank, flag pole with Maratha flag flying high, intact bastions. We enjoyed the views and shared the snacks we had carried along. Tung Fort looks very close to the Fort. It will make a beautiful image on the new moon night with the Milkyway behind it. After spending one hour on the plateau, we started our descend.

Fort Rock Cut steps

The steps are not very wide, and there is an enormous crowd on weekends. It can be challenging to manage them. We met a few locals. They asked us for our feedback and how we found the restoration work and various boards installed to share information about the Fort and mark the dangerous and safe spots on the Fort. We enjoyed learning about their work and inspired by their dedication. We descended quickly, completing it in under 30 minutes. Throughout the trek, the weather was overcast and windy, with light rains for a few minutes.

Pro tips for Tikona Fort trek

  • You can order lunch at Tikona Peth before starting the trek on return, and you won't have to wait for a warm lunch after the trek.
  • Tikona Fort Monsoon Trek will be the best time from June to September.
  • Wear excellent trekking shoes for this trek some parts exposed to the fall with loose topsoil.
  • Wear full sleeves and trekking pants to avoid sunburn.
  • Dont rush near the steps and wait for your turn and make way for kids, elderly, and women.
  • You can navigate till the parking area using google maps
  • Many boards installed, which share information about the Tikona Fort and Warning signs, please adhere to them.
  • Smoking, Alchohol, Drugs consumption is banned on the Fort and will land you a jail term and beating from the locals.
  • Night stay, cooking food, camping is not allowed on the Fort.
  • There is no entry fee to see the Tikona Fort.

Places to see nearby Tikona Fort Monsoon Trek

  • This trek can be combined with Tung Fort Trek, Lohagad Fort Trek, Visapur Fort Trek, Korigad Fort trek.
  • Local homestay or camping is available near Tikona Peth.
  • Camping is available at Pawna Lake, Malavandi Lake, Hadshi Lake.
  • Many Bungalows are available on rent for large groups.
  • You can also indulge in Paragliding at Pawna Lake during winter and summer months.
  • Resorts and Hotels are available in Pawna, Mulshi, Kamshet, Lonavala Khandala region for all types of budget.
  • You can visit ancients caves like Karla Leni, Bhaja Leni, Bedse Leni.
  • Paragliding is available at Kamshet. You can also learn at Kamshet Paragliding Schools.


1. Tikona Fort Height

The fort height is 3500 feet above sea level.

2. Tikona fort difficulty level

The trek is an easy level ideal for beginners.

3. Tikona fort nearest railway station

For Pune Hikers, Kamshet is the nearest railway station, and For Mumbai Hikers, Lonavala is the nearest railway station.

4. Kamshet to Tikona fort distance

The total distance is 21 kilometers; it will take one hour to cover this distance. You can hire a cab to and fro from Kamshet till Tikona Peth.

5. Food and Water availability on Tikona fort trek

There are few stalls on the trekking route, mostly operational on weekends. They sell Tea, Poha, Water bottles. Near the base village, there are few homestays you can book your lunch before starting the trek. On return, it will be ready, and you will save time.

6. Pawna Lake Camping and Tikona Fort Trek

You can combine them by completing the trek during the day and spending the night at Pawna Lake Camping.

7. Tikona Fort Trek Entry Fees?

There is no entry fees currently for the trek.

8. Tikona Fort timings

Tikona Fort opens from 8 am to 6 pm. Night trek is not allowed, and camping is not allowed on the fort.

9. Car parking near Tikona Fort? 

There is ample parking available below the fort for bike and cars. 

10. Best season for Tikona Fort Trek?

Monsoon is the best season for the Tikona Fort Trek. Winter, this trek should be attempted early morning. 

11. Are attractions available near Tikona Fort?

  1. Pawna Lake Camping 
  2. Kayaking on Pawna Lake Camping 
  3. Paragliding Pawna Lake
  4. Paragliding Kamshet 
  5. Della Adventure Park 
  6. Wet N Joy Water Park
  7. Dinosaur Park Lonavala
  8. Karla caves 
  9. Bhaja Caves
  10. Bhushi Dam Lonavala 

12. Nearby trekking destination from Tikona Fort? 

There are many trekking destinations near the Tikona Fort list a few below. 

13. Tikona fort from Pune Distance?

Pune to Tikona Fort distance is 60 kilometers. It will take two hours to cover this distance. 

14. Tikona fort from Mumbai Distance?

Mumbai to Tikona Fort distance is 122 kilometers. It will take two hours to cover this distance. 

15. How to reach Tikona fort from Pune by train?

It would be best if you got down at Kamshet Railway Station or Lonavala railway station from here hire a private cab to and fro till Tikona Peth. Local bus timings are not frequent.

16. Is Tikona fort haunted?

No, Tikona fort not haunted at all. These are just rumor mills created for likes, comments, and share. People are more attracted to negative and haunted stories. 

17. Tikona fort nearest railway station?

For Pune trekkers, kamshet is the nearest railway station. For Mumbai trekkers, Lonavala is the nearest railway station. 

18. Tikona fort trek with night stay and camping?

Camping and night stay is prohibited at Tikona Fort by the Archaeological Survey of India.