Aadrai Jungle Trek Pune, an unexplored rainforest

The Aadrai Jungle Trek leads you to one of the most gorgeous and unspoiled jungles in Sahyadri. This journey will take you deep into the lush, green forest, where you will witness waterfalls, caverns, valleys, shepherd pathways, iconic peaks, and more. In just one day, you'll be able to explore everything the Aadrai Forest Trek has to offer!

  • Located in: Malshej Ghat
  • Level of the Trek: Medium
  • Time Duration: 6 to 7 hours both ways.

This gorgeous and unknown Aadrai Jungle is deep in the heart of Sahyadri, where the ground rarely feels the warm embrace of the sun. This lovely trek place is located in the Junnar city in the Pune area. The folklore says it was discovered by a local villager who had lost his way while hunting and came into the Aadrai forest by chance. The Aadrai Jungle Trek is a haven for trekkers wishing to get away from the routine of city life. This jungle hike provides trekkers with a much-needed escape from unhealthy air, with each breath helping you feel refreshed and relaxed.

The Aadrai Jungle Trek from Pune is a feast for the senses, thanks to its diverse flora and fauna. With the musical singing of birds, chittering of forest animals, and refreshing streams and waterfalls, the enchanting vista will appear like something out of a fairy tale. The Aadrai Jungle Trek has a lot to offer, including the Kalu waterfall, Nageshwar temple, and several ancient caverns, each with its own story to tell. Deep within Malshej Ghat, it mesmerizes you with its beauty.

A trip to Aadrai is sure to be one of the most exciting adventures you'll ever have! Sahyadri's largely untouched dark rainforest has long piqued the interest of travelers and adventurers from all across the country lately.

You can travel under dense canopies that shield you from the sun's rays, and marvel at the grandeur of Sahyadri by seeing a 1200 ft waterfall right next to it. The Adrai Jungle Trek immerses you in the enigmatic forest, allowing you to become one with nature.

The waterfall is unquestionably one of the trip's highlights. You can feel all your worry fade away as you watch the stream bursting from the top of the mountain and falling into the pit with a loud but peaceful sound, and you find yourself living in the moment.

The hike will not be easy, as gorgeous as the place is.As you stroll through the dense forest, you're likely to come across a variety of wildlife that it stores.

The Adrai Jungle Trek's spectacular splendor is its main attraction. As you go into the rainforest and through the thick green trees, you will come across some of nature's most beautiful peaks and valleys. Rest assured that the Aadrai forest will not disappoint you, as it is home to a diverse range of vegetation and fauna.

Before you go on this wonderful excursion, make sure your cameras and phones are well charged. As you travel into the Aadrai forest, let yourself be carried away by the wonderful breeze of Sahyadri and absorb all of its beauty.

A journey to Aadrai, which is about 180 kilometers from Mumbai and nearly 130 kilometers from Pune, is a terrific way to spend a weekend.

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Cost for Aadrai Jungle Trek from Pune

  • Cost without transport: Rs. 699/- per person
  • Cost with transport: Rs. 1399/- per person


Aadrai Jungle Trek from Pune Upcoming Batches

June: 21, 22, 28, 29

July: 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27

August: 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, 31

September: 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28


Aadrai Jungle Trek 2024 from Pune Itinerary

Day Zero - Meet our experienced trek guide

Day One

Reach the base village & rest in the bus. 

04:00 am - Reporting time for direct participants. (Please be on time)

05:30 am - Have breakfast and tea

06:30 am - Group introduction and Trek brief 

07:00 am - Trek begins  through the unexplored Aadrai Jungle

02:00 pm - Return to the Aadrai trek starting point. 

03:00 pm - Freshen up and Lunch 

04:00 pm - Return journey begins for Pune

09:30 pm - Approx. arrival at Pune.


How to book?

  • Click on the "BOOK NOW" button.
  • Select your departure date and click on pay and book button.
  • Select your ticket type and quantity. (If you have a coupon code, apply at this stage)
  • Fill out your personal details and proceed with reviews & payment.
  • Select your payment type (UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking) and proceed.
  • Once your tickets are booked, you will receive confirmation via email. (Please provide valid email id)
  • A WhatsApp group link will be sent to your WhatsApp number 8 hours prior to the departure. (Please provide WhatsApp number while booking)
  • Event Details and Trek Leaders details will be shared on that WhatsApp group only.

Aadrai Jungle Trek Details: 

  • Trek Altitude: 2490 feet above sea level
  • Trailhead Location: Khireshwar Village 
  • Trek Distance: about 7.5 km
  • Aadrai Jungle Trek Difficulty Grade: Moderate
  • Aadrai Trek Type: Jungle Trail
  • Aadrai Trek Location: Malshej Ghat, Junnar City, Pune
  • Aadrai Trek route: dense forests with mesmerising waterfalls
  • Aadrai jungle trek photos are available in the photo gallery.
  • Trekker Fitness and Endurance: Medium and BMI under 30
  • The best time to visit the Aadrai Jungle Trek is during the monsoon season.
  • Aadrai Trek duration: it roughly takes 3 hours one way.
  • Aadrai Trek distance from Pune: 130 km
  • Aadrai Trek distance from Mumbai: 140 km
  • Upcoming Aadrai Trek: available on all Friday-Saturdays, and Saturday-Sunday during the rainy season. 


Receive a trekking E-certificate on completion of the Aadrai Jungle Trek.


Places to See on the Aadrai Forest Trek

  • Kalu Waterfall's cascading natural beauty.
  • Nageshwar Temple's historical and spiritual charm.
  • Ancient Caves with intriguing historical significance.
  • Serene Aadrai Jungle for nature enthusiasts.
  • Khireshwar Village's quaint rural charm.
  • Pimpal Joga Dam's picturesque water reservoir.
  • Malshej Ghat's scenic hill station delights.
  • Thidbi Village's cultural and local experiences.

Aadrai jungle trek best time to visit? 

The best time to visit Aadrai jungle for trekking is during the rainy season. You'll love the waterfalls, rivers, misty mountains, and pleasant weather. It's a perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of nature at its best. So, plan your adventure and enjoy the lush greenery and refreshing ambiance that the rainy season brings to Aadrai jungle trek.

Why choose Treks and Trails for Aadrai Jungle Trek?

  • Five years of knowledge in managing Aadrai Jungle Trek with all safety SOP.
  • We were preferred by over 20000 trekkers last year with a 4.7 review rating of 5.
  • We equip one trek leader for every 10 trekkers.
  • Female trek leader on each trek
  • Provide an E-certificate on successful completion of the trek. Valid for a lifetime with 99.9 per cent availability online. 
  • E-certificate is tamper-proof and shareable on social media and leading networking websites. 
  • The roadmap includes adventure insurance for every trekker and trek leader for all our treks.  
  • We self-operate our treks 
  • Group discounts available 

Aadrai Jungle Trek Safety Advisory 

  • Aadrai Jungle Trek distance is six kilometres one way. 
  • Trekkers with reasonable fitness levels should join 
  • Please wear proper trekking shoes, as the route is slippery 
  • Swimming is not allowed in the Dam or Waterfall 
  • Stream crossing, please follow trek leader instructions 
  • Stay visible trekkers are not allowed to go out of sight of Trek guides ​

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Please Note

  • If you wrongly booked for different date or batch. And you want to change date within 3 days of departure, then transfer charges will be applied which will be Rs. 200/- per person.

  • Available on all weekends ( Friday-Saturday, and Saturday-Sunday ) 

  • Batches available from Mumbai and Pune 

1 Night 1 Day 21 Jun, 21 Jun, 22 Jun, and more
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- Save on group of 7 and more
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What we'll give/What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Pune to Khireshwar to Pune transport in private non-ac bus 
  • 1 veg breakfast and 1 veg lunch
  • Trek Leader expertise and Basic First Aid 
  • E-certificate 

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Entry fee for foreign nationals
  • Mineral water/lime water/ purchased for personal consumption
  • All kinds of Extra Meals / soft drinks ordered.
  • Any kind of personal expenses.
  • Any kind of cost which is not mentioned in the cost includes above.
  • All expenses incurred due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances like roadblocks, bad weather.
  • Any medical / Emergency evacuations if required.
Things to Carry
Things to Carry
  • 2/3 Liters of water
  • Trekking Shoes provide more grip and comfort on the trek
  • One Day Backpack 20 to 30 litres
  • Sun Cap and Sunscreen
  • Personal First aid and Personal Medicine
  • Some Dry fruits / Dry Snacks / Energy Bars
  • Glucon D / ORS / Tang / Gatorade sachets
  • Good Torch must with an extra battery
  • Identity Proof
  • Please wear Full sleeves and Full Track Pant this will protect from Summer Sun / Thorns / Insects / Prickles
  • Rains are expected, so pack your bags accordingly to save them from getting wet
  • Double pack your valuables/phones in plastic bags
  • Rainwear / Poncho / Waterproof jacket etc. if you don’t want to get wet

Cancellation Policy and Charges

  • 75% refund if notified via phone conversation 8 or more days prior to the event date.
  • 50 % refund if notified via phone conversation 4 to 7 days prior to the event date.
  • No refund if the cancellation requested is less than 3 days prior to the event date 
  • No show No Refund.
  • Event Tickets cannot be transferred to another date against cancellation.
  • Event Tickets cannot be transferred to another person against cancellation.
  • If the event gets canceled we will refund "Trek Amount" only.
  • If the event is canceled due to any natural calamity, political unrest or other such reasons beyond our control the same cancellation policy will apply.
  • Refunds won't be issued if you cannot attend the event due to heavy rains, floods, traffic jams, car breakdowns or a personal medical emergency.
  • Your booking cannot be shifted to another date if you cannot attend the event due to heavy rains, floods, traffic jams, car breakdowns, or a personal medical emergency.
  • If your area is prone to flooding, traveling from a flooded area, heavy traffic, heavy rains, missing the train, or any other reason, if you cannot attend the event, we won't issue a refund or shift you to another date.
  • Management won't be held responsible if you are stuck due to heavy rains, traffic jams, personal emergencies or floods during the event.
  • If you are bringing kids, please understand the possibility of getting stuck or delayed. You might have to stay back due to heavy rains, floods, bus breakdowns, and rush at the trekking destination. We won't be able to refund or shift you to another date. You will have to wait it out till the weather clears.
Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an adventurer who loves trekking? Completing a trek can be a life-changing experience that leaves you with unforgettable memories. To commemorate your achievement, TreksandTrails provides e-certificates to all participants who successfully complete their trek. These e-certificates include your name, the name of the trek you completed, the date of completion, and a digital signature from TreksandTrails. They are a perfect way to showcase your accomplishment to the world and share your trekking journey with your loved ones. By receiving an e-certificate from TreksandTrails, you can proudly display your achievement on your social media platforms and inspire others to embark on their own adventures.  

Here are some FAQs about our e-certificates:

Q: What is an e-certificate for trekkers and hikers?

A: An e-certificate is a digital certificate awarded to participants upon completion of a trek or hike. It serves as proof of participation and achievement.

Q: How do I receive an e-certificate from TreksandTrails?

A: Upon completion of your trek or hike with TreksandTrails, you will be sent an email with a link to your e-certificate. You can download it from the link and save it on your device or share it on social media platforms.

Q: Can I share my e-certificate on social media platforms?

A: Yes, you can share your e-certificate on all social media platforms. The e-certificate is designed to be easily shareable, so you can show off your achievement to your friends and family.

Eligibility Criteria for a Trekking Certificate:

To be eligible for a trekking certificate, individuals must demonstrate adherence to safety rules, teamwork, and cooperation.

Participants must achieve the following requirements for earning a trekking certificate: completion of the trek; physical fitness; teamwork and cooperation; knowledge of safety rules; environmental awareness; a positive attitude; great attendance; and punctuality. We appreciate their commitment to the sport of trekking and acknowledge their achievements.

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Q1: What is the location of Aadrai Jungle Trek?

A: The Aadrai Jungle Trek location is near the Malshej Ghat region. The trailhead is located near the Dam it is very popular with weekend hikers. 

Q2: What is the distance between Mumbai and Aadrai Forest Trek?

A: It is about 138 kilometers, Aadrai jungle trek from Mumbai. It takes four hours to reach by road. 

Q3: What is the distance between Pune and Aadrai Forest Trek?

A: Aadrai jungle trek distance from Pune is around 129 kilometers away; it takes three to four hours to cover this distance by road. 

Q4: What is the Aadrai Forest trek's difficulty level?

A: It's a moderately easy hike. Trek difficulty level depends on the trekker's fitness level and hiking gear. Aadrai jungle trek from Pune's difficulty level is moderate and requires average endurance.   

Q5: Can I do the whole trek independently without guidance?

A: Aadrai Jungle Trek location is complicated and the area is covered in fog during the rainy season. It's suggested not to trek solo here as there is low visibility and fog makes it difficult to navigate through the forest, as its very unexplored terrain and being intensely dense, chances of losing your path or facing unexpected wildlife are higher.

Q6: What is the total Aadrai jungle trek distance?
Located in the heart of the Western Ghats Forest, Aadrai Jungle Trek from Pune is a beautiful trekking spot in Maharashtra. It is a perfect place for adventure lovers to experience a lifetime. The total Aadrai Jungle Trek distance is eight kilometers one way.

Q7: Aadrai jungle trek best time to visit? 

Are you looking for a trekking trip to a remote place? The Aadrai Jungle trek will give you an unforgettable experience, and it is a moderate trek that people of all ages can do. 

It is a beautiful trekking destination in the western part of India, famous for its lush green forests and tall peaks. Aadrai jungle trek best time to visit is in the rainy season when you can enjoy waterfalls, rivers, misty mountains, and pleasant weather. 

Q8: How is the Aadrai jungle trek route for beginners? 

If you've ever wondered what it's like to go on a jungle trek, you'll love this. The Aadrai jungle trek route is a secret and undivided jungle trek, and the Aadrai jungle and waterfall trek route is primarily flat with some uphill walks. 

It is ideal for first-timers. Kindly wear full sleeves and cover for this trek, a jungle area filled with insects. Aadrai jungle distance from Mumbai distance is 140 kilometers. 

Q9: What is the Aadrai jungle trek difficulty?

Aadrai jungle location is a secret and isolated place, and the Aadrai jungle experience is the place for you if you want a secluded jungle hike.     

Aadrai jungle trek time is eight hours, and any trek difficulty also depends on the preparation of the hikers. Kindly ensure you wear hiking shoes, a cover-up for insect protection, and decent fitness to walk 12 kilometers. The Aadrai Jungle trek near Pune difficulty level is moderate for regular hikers.    

Q10: Why join trek Aadrai jungle from Pune?   

Good trekking destinations are hard to find, and one must go through a lot of trouble to find the right one. Take a trek to Aadrai, literally the most isolated place in Maharashtra. The difficult access, the jungle route, and the fantastic beauty of nature make it one of a kind.

If you plan to go on a jungle trek from Pune and want to avoid the usual tourist spots, then Aadrai Forest Trek Pune is the place for you. Aadrai jungle distance from Pune is 130 kilometers; it takes three to four to cover this distance.    

Q11: Where is the Aadrai jungle trek location?

Trekking is an admirable activity, and the primary purpose is to have the thrill of being in a remote location with nature. The challenge of making it possible and the feeling of accomplishment after completing the trek is incredible.

But this journey can have its share of difficulties. Worry not, because we at Aadrai Jungle Trek Pune have made it easier for you. We provide experienced guides who ensure your trek is safe and enjoyable.

Curious about the jungle trek experience? Plan your trip to the Aadrai Jungle Trek


How to trek with kids during a trek?

Trekking with kids can be a fantastic family adventure! Here are some tips to make it a great experience: Choose trails suitable for their age and abilities. Pack plenty of snacks, water, and their favorite treats to keep their energy up. Encourage them to explore and appreciate nature along the way. Take regular breaks for rest and games. Ensure they have comfortable shoes and dress in layers for the changing weather. Embrace the adventure together and create lasting memories. Have fun!

 Which trek do you recommend for kids around Mumbai?

For kid-friendly treks near Mumbai, there are several options to choose from. Sondai, Karnala, and Lohagad offer scenic trails with moderate difficulty suitable for children. Prabalmachi, Matheran, and Korigad provide a mix of nature and historical exploration. Jambulmal and One Tree Hill are ideal for shorter treks with beautiful views. Dodhani Village in Matheran is another excellent choice for a family-friendly trek. Each of these destinations offers a unique experience and a chance for kids to connect with nature while enjoying the outdoors.

Kids trek near Mumbai - click here

 Is it safe to go on a trek during monsoon in Maharashtra?

Trekking in Maharashtra during the monsoon season can be safe if proper precautions are taken. It is critical to choose well-maintained trails, listen to experienced guides, and stay up to date on weather conditions. Avoid going into unsafe regions or attempting dangerous river crossings. Always prioritise safety and be ready for slippery terrain and unpredictable weather.

How to protect your gadgets in monsoon trek

To protect your gadgets during a monsoon trek, take essential precautions. Invest in waterproof covers or cases for your gadgets and use a dry bag or waterproof pouch to store them when not in use. Ziplock bags can provide additional protection. Place silica gel packs in your bags to absorb moisture. Use umbrellas or rain covers to shield your gadgets from rain. Avoid submerging them in water and consider backing up your data regularly. Carry power banks or extra batteries for backup power. Being cautious will help ensure the safety of your gadgets in wet conditions.

What should I pack for a monsoon trek in Maharashtra?

Pack essential items such as a waterproof backpack, rainproof jacket, quick-drying clothing, extra pairs of socks, trekking shoes with good grip, insect repellent, a waterproof cover for electronic devices, and a first aid kit. Carry enough water and energy snacks as well.

 Are leeches a problem during monsoon treks in Maharashtra?

Yes, leeches can be encountered during monsoon treks in Maharashtra, especially in forested areas. To protect yourself, wear long socks, tuck your pants into your socks, and apply insect repellent on your legs. Carry a salt or lime solution to detach leeches if they attach to your skin.

 What are some popular monsoon treks in Maharashtra?

Some popular monsoon treks in Maharashtra include Harishchandragad, Rajmachi, Andharban, Kalsubai, Bhimashankar, Tikona Fort, Torna Fort, Ratangad, Naneghat, and Visapur Fort. These treks offer scenic beauty and a unique experience during the monsoon season.

 Why should you join Treks and Trails? Are you looking for a safe trekking experience?

We are an experienced, all-inclusive trekking company with curated routes and safe treks for solo women travelers. We offer group discounts and have been featured in all the leading newspapers. Join us on our next Mumbai to Mumbai Trek!

You'll be able to explore remote villages, meet new people, and enjoy the beauty of India's countryside without any worries about safety or security. Our team is here to make your journey as enjoyable as possible so you can focus on what matters most - enjoying yourself!


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