Treks and Trails is going for a one day trek to Harihar 20th July 2014, Sunday

Summary:     One day trek to Harihar near Mumbai
Date:             20th July 2014, Sunday
Height:          3676 ft
Region:         Igatpuri
Contribution: Rs 600.00 If booked before 10 pm of 18th July '14, later Rs. 150 extra.

About Harihar fort
Harihar fort appears to be rectangular in shape from its base village. It is built on a triangular prism of rock. Its three faces and two edges are absolutely vertical (90 degrees). The third edge towards the west is inclined at an angle of 75 degrees. A one metre wide rocky staircase with niches in it is carved out for ascending & descending the fort. There are 117 steps in all. After you climb the first rocky staircase (main entrance) we walk thru below a overhang with a sheer drop. Again one has to climb a set of steep stairs (with niches), then pass thru a staircase inside the rock (like Peth-kothligad fort) and then reach the top of the fort. The view from the top is excellent. After climbing these steps, we get up to the entrance door. The fort has got a tapering plateau with a raised level in the middle. There is a small temple of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva on the plateau. A small pond is there in front of this temple. Water from this pond can be used for drinking. Making headway from here we come across a palace having two rooms in it. 10 to 12 persons can be accommodated in this palace. One of the vertical drops of the fort facing the Nirgudpada village is called 'Scottish kada', perhaps because it was climbed for the first time in November 1986 by Doug Scott, the legendary Himalayan mountaineer & took him two days to do the climb. This cliff is about 170 meters in height.

TreksandTrails is going to Naneghat for a one day trek on 6th July 2014, Sunday

Type:                    Ancient trade route
Grade:                  Medium
Date:                    6th July 2014, Sunday
Height:                 2800 ft approx.
Region:                 Malshej ghat
Contribution: 450.00 per person If booked before 10 pm of 4th July '14, later Rs. 100 extra.

It's the one of the ancient trade routes, existing right from the Satvahanas, which ghats and was in extensive use to transport goods arriving at the Junnar which was then a flourished market place.100's of years gone but still villagers at the ghat area use this pass to reach Konkan. It reflects how the emperors use to skillfully choose locations. Naneghat trek is simple and enjoyable. Way is clearly marked and passes through dense teakwood forests. Climbing from the forest you reach to the base of ‘Nanacha Angatha’, which is pinnacle of Naneghat plateau. From this base, a 2 meter wide pass connects to the actual plateau. This pass called as ‘Naneghatachi nail and has been carved and cut in stones by emperors of that time. This 60 meter long pass takes you to the Naneghat plateau.

Treks and Trails is going for a one day trek to Kalawantin durg 05 July 2014 Saturday.

Kalawantin durg was used as a watch tower and is located right next to Prabhalgad fort on the old Mumbai-Pune route. The beauty of this trek is the amazing rock cut steps that zig-zag their way up the mountain to take you to the top of the fort. One can get a panoramic view from the top, not to mention the thrill of an exposed climb via the stairs. Also listed as The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World:


Treks and Trails India for a one day trek to Lohagad on 21st June 2014, Saturday.

Bhaje Caves

Lohgad Fort

Region Lonavala

Height - 3400 feet  

Grade - Easy

History:  Lohagad – “Iron fort” is one of the many hill forts of Chatrapati Shivaji. It divides the basins of the Indrayani and Pavna and is situated on a side range of the Sahyadris. The Visapur fort is located on its eastern side. The four large gates of Lohagad are still in good condition and reasonably intact. Historical records show that in the later Peshwa period, Nana Phadnavis (1742-1800 AD) built several structures in the fort

 The journey starts with the Indrayani express. People interested should board this train.  Please purchase your ticket till Malavli station. & lets meet at Lonavala station.



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