Treks and Trails India invites you for a One day trek to Bhimashankar near Mumbai on this weekend 5th October 2014

Height: 3296 feet
Grade: Medium
Time: Approx. 4.5 hrs from Khandas, Base Village
Location: Nagar District
Cost 700.00 per persson

Places to See:-
Lord Shiva Temple: Bhimashankar Temple is located in the village of Bhorgiri 50 km North West of Khed, near Pune. There is a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva which is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. It is a modest yet graceful temple and it dates back to mid 18th century. The shikhara of the temple was built by Nana Phadnavis. This temple is closely associated with the legend of Shivaraj Khade slaying the demon Tripurasura associated with the invincible flying citadels Tripuras. Shiva is said to have taken abode in the Bhima form, upon the request of the Gods, on the crest of the Sahyadri hills, and the sweat that poured forth from his body after the battle is said to have formed the Bhimarathi River. Bhimashankar is also the source of the Bhima River, which flows south east and merges with the Krishna River near Raichur.

A big size bell in Hemadpanthi structure: - Built by Nana Phadanavis is also a feature of Bhimashankar. Other equally important places: - Hanuman Lake, Gupt Bhimashankar, Sakshi Vinayak, Origin of River Bhima, Nag Phani from where one can see the view of the Peth fort and Padhar, Bombay Point, and lot more. Bhimashankar is conserved forest area and wildlife sanctuary where a variety of birds, animals, flowers, plants can be seen. A rare animal "Shekru" can be found in deep woods. Bhimashankar is worth visited for jungle lovers and trekkers as well as for pilgrims.

Chadar adventure over frozen river

Region :- Leh, Ladakh, J & K
Duration :- 09 days
Grade :- Difficult
Max Altitude :- 11,123 Ft.
Approx Trekking Km :- 70 kms.
Best time:- January to February
The well known frozen river trek formally known as Chadar Trek is one of the most adventurous trek available in India and is on to do list of all serious trekkers. Falling in the Ladakh region this trek is done after mid January when most of the Zanskar River gets frozen and the temperature drops down few negative °C during the day. A trek done in extreme inhospitable conditions, with the route constantly changing as the new ice forms and old melts every few hours.


Treks and Trails India invites you for a Nature Trail to Kaas Plateau - Thoseghar Waterfall

Maharashtra Valley of Flowers - 3rd Batch - 5th October 2014, Leaving on 4th October 2014 @ 10.30 pm

  kaas pathar thoseghar

Kas Plateau Satara 2016 Tour Details - Learn More

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3rd Batch - 5th October 2014 (Leaving on 4th October 2014 @ 10.30 pm ) 

Kaas Plateau is known as Maharashtra's Valley of Flowers. Kaas Plateau is situated on the high hills of Sahyadri in Western Ghats. It is the best place to visit in monsoon, from the mid of August to October. The whole plateau looks like a carpet in various colors. It's a unique place for flora researchers, nature lovers & photographers.

Near about 175 various flower species found at Kaas Plateau and one of the few found on earth only at Kaas Plateau. In June 2012 UNESCO has announced this location as a Biodiversity World Heritage Site. 

The plateau is home to 850 species of flowering plants, of which 624 have entered the Red Data Book, a state document that lists species whose existence is threatened. As many as 39 species are found only in Kaas region.

Some of the rare species found here include Dipcadi montanum, Ceropegia vincaefolia, Pleocaulus ritchiei and Drosera burmanii. This is also the reason why the place is popular with nature lovers, flora researchers and also photographers.

Tour is Ideal for Macro Photography and Landscape Photography

TreksandTrails One Day River Rafting at Kundalika on 20 September 2014

Total Rafting Distance:10 - 12 Kms
Duration:2 hrs - 2.5 hrs (Depending on the speed of the water)
Activity Type:Adventurous
Endurance Level:Medium
Swimming skills:Not required
Previous experience:Not necessary
Contirubution:Rs 2300.00
Last date to book your seat is on Wednesday 17th September 2014 or before the seats get full.
Short Info:
River Rafting on Kundalika River started a few years ago and now it is a year round activity (Only rafting facility in India to be operational all-round the year). River Rafting at Kundalika River in Kolad is about 4 hrs drive from Pune and Mumbai. White Water Rafting in Kundalika river, Kolad is controlled by the release of the Dam water on the Kundalika River and offers Grade II and Grade III rapids (Higher the Grade, higher the level of difficulty).
Meeting Point: Pritam Hotel, Dadar (E) @ 5:30 am



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