Treks and Trails India - Trek to Bhimashankar via Shidi Route - 8th August 2015 Saturday

Height: 3296 feet
Grade: Medium
Time: 4.5 hrs from Khandas, Base Village
Location: Nagar District
Cost: Rs 850.00 per person
Places to See:

Lord Shiva Temple: Bhimashankar Temple is located in the village of Bhorgiri 50 km North West of Khed, near Pune. There is a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva which is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India. It is a modest yet graceful temple and it dates back to mid 18th century. The shikhara of the temple was built by Nana Phadnavis. This temple is closely associated with the legend of Shivaraj Khade slaying the demon Tripurasura associated with the invincible flying citadels Tripuras. Shiva is said to have taken abode in the Bhima form, upon the request of the Gods, on the crest of the Sahyadri hills, and the sweat that poured forth from his body after the battle is said to have formed the Bhimarathi River. Bhimashankar is also the source of the Bhima River, which flows south east and merges with the Krishna River near Raichur. A big size bell in Hemadpanthi structure: - Built by Nana Phadanavis is also a feature of Bhimashankar. Other equally important places: - Hanuman Lake, Gupt Bhimashankar, Sakshi Vinayak, Origin of River Bhima, Nag Phani from where one can see the view of the Peth fort and Padhar, Bombay Point, and lot more. Bhimashankar is conserved forest area and wildlife sanctuary where a variety of birds, animals, flowers, plants can be seen. A rare animal "Shekru" can be found in deep woods. Bhimashankar is worth visited for jungle lovers and trekkers as well as for pilgrims.

One day monsoon trek to Harihar 02 August 2015, Sunday

Height: 3676 ft
Region: Igatpuri
Contribution: Rs 700.00
About Harihar fort
Harihar fort appears to be rectangular in shape from its base village. It is built on a triangular prism of rock. Its three faces and two edges are absolutely vertical (90 degrees). The third edge towards the west is inclined at an angle of 75 degrees. A one metre wide rocky staircase with niches in it is carved out for ascending & descending the fort. There are 117 steps in all. After you climb the first rocky staircase (main entrance) we walk thru below a overhang with a sheer drop. Again one has to climb a set of steep stairs (with niches), then pass thru a staircase inside the rock (like Peth-kothligad fort) and then reach the top of the fort. The view from the top is excellent. After climbing these steps, we get up to the entrance door. The fort has got a tapering plateau with a raised level in the middle. There is a small temple of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva on the plateau. A small pond is there in front of this temple. Water from this pond can be used for drinking. Making headway from here we come across a palace having two rooms in it. 10 to 12 persons can be accommodated in this palace. One of the vertical drops of the fort facing the Nirgudpada village is called 'Scottish kada', perhaps because it was climbed for the first time in November 1986 by Doug Scott, the legendary Himalayan mountaineer & took him two days to do the climb. This cliff is about 170 meters in height.
Travel up to Kasara by local train approx timings recommended.
Mumbai(CST) 05:00
Dadar 05:18
Thane 05:56
Dombivali 06:18
Kalyan 06:27
Kasara 07:42

Treks and Trails India Raigad Fort Trek on 01 August 2015 

Name: Raigad
Type: Hill
Height: 2900 feet
Grade: Easy
Cost: Rs 1800.00 per person
Raigad Fort is a magnificent hill fortress, situated in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It lies approximately 125 km away from Pune and serves as one of the major excursion of the city. The fort once served as the capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji, the Great Maratha king, in the 1674. It was around this time only that Shivaji was crowned the King of a Marathi kingdom. Perched at an altitude of 1350 m (4530 ft) above sea level, Raigad fort falls under the Sahyadri Mountain range of India. The main structures inside the Raigad Fort, which today stands mostly in ruins, comprise of the Queen's Quarters, Public Durbar, Watch Towers, Darwazas (gateways), etc. The Queen's Quarters consist of six chambers in total, meant for the queen and her attendants. The main place situated inside the fort was largely constructed out of wood. However, apart from its base, made up of pillars, hardly anything else remains. One can also be witness to the ruins of the three watch towers, which were once used to spot any threat from a distance. The main entrance of the Raigarh Fort comprises of the Maha Darwaja, which is colossal and provided protection from the enemies. However, the king as well as his convoy used to move through the Palkhi Darwaja. The three dark and deep chambers, situated to right of the Palkhi Darwaja, are believed to have served as the granaries of the fort. One of the main attractions of theRaigad Fort is a magnificent statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji, sited opposite the ruins of the main market avenue. The samadhi (tomb) of Shivaji and his dog Waghya is situated near the avenue only. 

Kohoj Fort Trek

Kohoj Fort Trek can be reached from the Vaghote village on Palghar - Wada road. At the base of the fort is a lake which gives beautiful reflection of the fort. It takes 2 hours approx from the village to reach the plateau. On the plateau of the fort, a temple of Lord Shankar and 3 groups of water cisterns can be seen. Fortification and remains of settlements also can be seen at some of the places. On the way that stretchesfrom the right side of the temple up the hill, there are three large water cisterns; two of which contain potable water. On the top of this hill we come across a bastion and a temple of Lord Hanumana. There many natural pinnacles formed due to wind-erosion, two of them are man-shaped pinnacle which is one of the greatest wonder of nature’s creation. Very few of the historical evidences are coherent to this fort. Looking at its well-dug water cisterns, the fort can be said to be belonging to the Bhoj-period but no such evidences are available. In 16th century, Portuguese captured this fort from the King of Gujarat. They constructed fortifications and bastions on this fort. Later, in 18th century, Peshwe conquered this fort in their campaign of 1737. Afterwards the fort remained under the British rule.

Event Details

Kohoj Fort Trek - Event Details

Height: 3200 feet
Grade: Medium
Time: Maximum 3 hrs from Waghote, base village
Location: Palghar region

Event Dates


Kohoj Fort Trek - TBA

Event Itinerary

Kohoj Fort Trek - What’s the plan?

Meet at Palghar railway station, ticket counter at 7:30 am.

How to travel?

Participants using Western railway can board in the Churchgate - Dahanu local train which leaves Churchgate at 5.24 am and halting
5:33 Mumbai Central
5:40 Dadar
5.44 Bandra
5.54 Andheri
6.08 Borivali
6.33 Vasai
6.45 Virar
7:25 Palghar

TreksandTrails Itinerary for trek to Khoj fort !!!

07:40 Breakfast at Palghar
08:10 Travel to base village by private jeep
09:00 Introduction, expectation setting with, rules to be followed, orientation.
09:10 Start the trek
11:30 On the plateau - Explore the fort & Lunch break
14:30 Descend
17:30 Reach Palghar railway station
19:30 Travel to Mumbai by train

Event Rules

Treks and Trails Kohoj Fort Trek Rules

  1. Kindly carry 1 Identity proof at least for the trek.
  2. It’s not a PICNIC or LEISURE TOUR. We all are going for an adventurous and interesting trekking exploration.
  3. Do not destroy or dirty the archaeological, historical monuments.
  4. Please do not carry or wear any valuables, ornaments, jewellery, etc. If carried, then we Do Not take any liability for the same.
  5. Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Trekking or any adventure activity is potentially risky.
  6. For all these events you are at your own risk.
  7. Organizers are not responsible for any accident or compensation in whatsoever manner.
  8. We should strictly follow the code of conduct, to avoid troubling our fellow trekkers or other people from our group or even local people.
  9. Due to the Monsoon season we recommend you to please take care at every place while walking /climbing / trekking.
  10. Rains are expected so please double pack your valuables in plastic bags to save them from getting wet.
  11. No plastic littering on the way or in hills/mountains.
  12. Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  13. Trek leader’s decision will be final and binding. ***Participation confirmation only via confirmed bank transfer. ***
  14. Treks and Trails reserves all the right to change/deviate/cancel the plans without prior notice.
  15. Telephonic confirmation is mandatory, if unable to contact send us a text message.
  16. Sleeveless, low neck, figure hugging shirts/tops, short pants, hot pants not allowed.
  17. Payment made is non refundable and non transferable.
  18. Please do not carry handbags or Jolas or Sling bags.

Treks and Trails India recommends things to carry for Kohoj Fort Trek

  • Haversack and sweater/wind cheater to keep hands free
  • Water bottle 3 liters
  • Ready to eat food, like plum cakes, chocolate bar, some snacks & biscuits etc.
  • Camera (Optional)
  • Please carry your personal tea mugs, spoon and a small Swiss-knife.
  • Electoral or Enerzyl Powder or Glucon D powder.
  • Personal medicines.
  • Please do not carry handbags or jolas for this trek.
  • Good trekking shoes
  • Extra Pair of Clothes.
  • ****** Carry one time meal (Lunch) for the trek ******

Medical Disclosure

Disclosures on Medical Conditions

It is mandatory that you visit your personal physician before enrolling for the trip if you suffer from any illness of any kind and disclose the same and your medical history to the organizers of the trip so that best possible arrangements can be carried out post approval. As organizers of the trip, we will be responsible for providing basic first aid throughout the trip. In case of unexpected mishaps or accidents, we will arrange for the injured patron to be taken to the nearest medical hospital wherever possible. The medical expenses will have to be borne by the patrons themselves. The cost mentioned above is for Indian citizens ONLY payable in Indian Rupees.



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