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Lonavala Bhimashankar (LoBhi) range trek 10 - 11 October 2015 (Batch III)


About Lonavala to Bhimashankar Trek 

Lonavala to Bhimashankar is known to be one of the ancient trek routes in the Sahyadri ranges. This old route shall put your endurance level to test. This a life changing experience, and worth every effort that you put in every stride. Hills and downhill, plateaus and long vast plateaus, dense forest of Karvi plants, ever-changing route, breath taking beauty. One of the most amazing trekking experiences we must say. If you’re lucky you may see the Karvi flower bloom this year after 7 years.
Distance to be covered 70 km approx
Lonavala Bhimashankar Trek Difficulty level Medium
Endurance level High - Previous trekking experience required.
Minimum participants 7
Group Size: 20 participants
Last Date to Register: 08 October 2015
Trek Leader: Mahadeo
What's in it for me?
- Overnight trek
- Photography
- Star Gazing
- Night photography
- Offbeat trek

One day trek to Visapur fort near Lonavala on 04 October 2015.

Visapur Fort is larger and at a higher elevation than its twin fort- Lohagad. Within the fort are caves, cisterns of water, a decorated arch and old houses. These two roofless buildings surrounded by outer or veranda walls said to have once been Government offices. The ruins of a large stone-built house are known as the Peshwa’s palace. In addition to a huge carving of Hanuman, several temples dedicated to him scattered all over the place. Hanuman (or Maruti) was likely the patron deity of Visapur fort. Best for trekking near Mumbai.
Region: Lonavala.
Height: 3556 ft approx.
Grade: Medium.
Type: Hill Fort
Minimum participants required: 7
Maximum: 20 Participants
Contribution: Rs 500.00 per person.
Trek Leader: Mahadev
The journey starts boarding the Indrayani express. Participants to board this train from respective stations with ticket till Malavali station.
Meet at Lonavala station. Please plan accordingly as long queues are expected at the ticket window.
Train Timings for Indrayani Express
CST 5:40
Dadar 5.51
Thane 6.14
Kalyan 6.35
Move to Malavali by local train (8:15 am at Lonavala station platform no 3)
For participants from Pune: Lonavala Local Train
Pune Station 06:27am
Shivaji Nagar 06:33am
Malavali Station 07:40 am
TreksandTrails Itinerary:
08:30 Move to Visapur base
08:50 Breakfast
09:30 Trek starts
11:45 Summit Visapur fort- Exploration, Lunch, rest etc
13:45 Start descend
16:00 Reach base
16:30 Refreshments
17:00 Reach Lonavala station
Missing the train would mean missing the trip. You can also book you reservation tickets for a comfortable ride.
We would be returning to Mumbai by 21:00 hrs approx. depending on rains.
Participation contribution is NON-refundable and NON-transferable. 
We shall travel together as a group. This is a group activity. **** Please carry one-time meal/ lunch for this trek ***

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TREK TO CHINCHOTI WATERFALL on Saturday 03 October 2015

Trekkers through Kaman village generally visit Chinchoti falls on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway. Very few people know the jungle path through Tungareshwar. There are two jungle routes meeting at different spots near Chinchoti waterfalls.
Chinchoti Waterfall - 33-1-2
Grade: Easy
Height: N.A
Region: Tungareshwar Forest
Trek cost: Rs 350.00
The track is narrow jungle path and one can easily get lost without the help of escorts. The sound of the rains drops and orchestra of insects gives an eerie but adventurous feeling throughout this trek. You hear sounds of watercourses trundling down rock faces chatting at a high frequency before it comes in your view. This is the midpoint of the trek to Chinchoti. From this point onwards you will be crossing the stream on few occasions to reach the main waterfall. The journey is a thrilling experience and the waterfall is a beauty. The memories of the 125 feet magnificent waterfall will be permanently etched on your mind.

Alang – Madan – Kulang. The toughest trek in the Sahyadri on 02 - 03 - 04 October 2015

Why AMK?
For those who have just completed the monsoon trekking season. Must be all geared up for a new adventure. We call upon the survivors to explore the most difficult trek in the Sahyadri. An adventure to explore the path less taken. Come on pack your bags, and join the adventure.

Duration: 3 days and 3 Nights

Height: 4852 - 4841 - 4822 ft
Region: Igatpuri - Kalsubai
Contribution: Rs 2500.00 per person
Alang_Madan_Kulang Images

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