“I have heard that there can be light even after sundown. Is it really true...?"

Such is the baffled thought of the people in the villages of Kumshet, Bari and Kumbhagat nearing Igatpuri, Maharashtra. With every approaching night, plunged is the community into darkness, for want of access to basic necessities. The villages with a population of 350 households, clsoe to around 1070 living souls, have access to electricity only on paper as per government records.
Being in the remote lands and unavailability of light for almost 10-12 hours has adversely impacted the villagers here. Lack of light hinders access to any productive work. While the adults try and finish the household chores during the day time, the children usually play or sleep very early. Once nightfall, there is no possible avenue for working on anything. This one of the reasons people migrate to cities in hope of a better livelihood opportunity. 
What we have done till now?
A few of us came together in 2013 to support these villagers. In the last couple of years we collected old clothes, toys, furniture that can be reused from all over Maharashtra. And distributed the same at Diwali. The tag line has always been "aap iss Diwali kise khush karenge". Last year we had sponsored 200 basic utensil steel kits.
This year we hope to provide a “Ray of Light” to the community by providing solar lanterns. As the name suggests, these lanterns run on solar energy. The product is extremely easy to use and has no maintenance cost. The lantern is especially designed for rural and semi-urban communities, providing light for about 8-10 hours. At sunrise, it can be charged again. Join us in this journey of light.
Project A:
How can you contribute?
You can contribute towards this initiative by sponsoring a lantern to light up a house. Each lantern costs only Rs 700.00 utilized for the household. The money contributed, is entirely used for procuring the lanterns only. Once, procured they will be distributed into the community by our team volunteers.
Please mentioned your full name send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. once the payment is done. Our volunteers shall arrange for a receipt to be delivered to you.
Project management team for Solar Lanterns ONLY
Santosh Hasurkar (Durgaveer Pratishthan): 9833458151
Preeti Patel - Offbeat Sahyadri: 9869524260
Utkarsh Erandikar - Rock Climbers Club: 9930609990
Nitesh Jadhav: 9967070987
Deepak More: 9820993392
Nandu Chavan - Mountains Sports Academy: 9892042704
Manisha Gawade: 9833558128

Weekend trek to Alang and Madan on 28 - 29 November 2015 (starting on 27 Nov, Friday night)

Alang (4852 ft): The beautiful Alang Fort lies in the Nashik region. Top of the fort is huge plateau. There are two caves on the fort for staying and 11 water cisterns arranged in a Cascade formation & a dilapidated storage room.
Mandan (4841 ft): Madangad is considered to be one of the most difficult forts to climb among all the forts in the Sahyadri. The area of the fort is quite small as compared to Alang and Kulang, its adjoining forts. There are only two water tanks on top of the fort. The area visible from the top of the fort is quite scenic.
Type: Hill Forts
Height: Alang- 4500Ft; Madan- 4900ft
Grade: Tough
District: Nasik
Region: Kalsubai
Base Village: Ambewadi
Trek Leader: Rajesh Mhaddalkar
Contribution: Rs 1800.00 per person
Last date to Register: 25 November 2015
The itinerary for the tour will be as follows:
Day Zero: Friday - Night start by second last Kasara local starting 22:50 from CST. Note this is semi fast local. Timings are given below:
10:50 CST
11:05 Dadar
11:30 Ghatkopar
11:34 Thane
12:07 Kalyan
01:18 Kasara

Very Simple Image Gallery:
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Off to Las Velas

velas wow

It all started 2 weeks ago. A friend of mine and me were having a certain fermented grain mash drink and enjoying the best home made mutter paneer that the world could make, when suddenly my friend remembers something.

Friend: DUDE! There is this awesome trip organized by TreksandTrails to this place called Velas in Ratnagiri, where the annual Turtle fest would be happening! It's going to be so awesome! The Olive Ridley Turtles get to see land only during this time!! All the eggs laid on the beach are collected and placed in a common hatchery which is barricaded from all sides and is guarded throughout the day. Each morning at 0700 and evening at 1730-1800 the baskets covering the lid are open to check if any turtles have hatched, if they have they are counted and carefully laid in another basket and taken closer to the water. They are then gently placed on the sand and they slowly make their way to the water. Their first baby steps are not only endearing to watch but also important if it is a female, as she records in her memory the site of her birth only to return here after 15 years to lay her eggs!! There's going to be lots of people in the group! I'm going, are you game?

What I heard: DUDE!..... awesome trip.... TreksandTrails...............Lots of people! (The grain mash did have its effect of course)

Join - Velas Turtle Festival 2015 

Vasota and lakeside camping on 14 - 15 November 2015 (leaving on 13 November, Friday night)

About Vasota:
Vasota Fort (also called Vyaghragad) is located in Satara district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It was famously defended by Tai Telin a mistress of Pant Pratinidhi a killedar of the fort when he was captured. Vasota fort is attributed to the Kolhapur Shilahara Raja Bhoja II (1178–1193) of Panhala. Vasota always remained with Marathas, Shirkes & Mores in 16th century & then incorporated in Swarajya by Shivaji Maharaj in 1655 during the conquest of Javli. Shivaji Maharaj named the fort "Vyaghragad" (Vyaghra – means tiger), owing to its difficult natural defense. After Shivaji Maharaj, the brave Maratha Bajirao Peshwa carried on the Swarajya mission of ousting the Mughal invaders from our country.
Height:4267 ft approx
Region: Koyna wildlife Sanctuary
Difficulty: Easy
Endurance: Medium
Trek Leader: Rajesh Mhaddalkar
TreksandTrails itinerary for the trek is as given below:
Meeting point for Mumbai: 13 November 2015
Pritam Hotel Dadar East @ 22:30
Chembur Diamond Garden @ 22:45
Vashi Below Main Bridge @ 23:15



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