No one can refuse the fact that winters are the best time to consider going camping near Pune. Camping near Pune can be a tranquil experience for all who want a break from hectic work life and hustle-bustle of the city. While Pune doesn’t have any sites for camping itself, hills and valleys of the Western Ghats near this lively city endow you with a beautiful, laid-back escape with friends or family.



Winter Camping near Pune

Camping near Pune

Pawna Lake Camps

The first step to enjoying your outdoor camping experience is a good campsite. The right camp can do wonders for your overall experience, and it reduces the stress of camping and allows you to enjoy the nature surrounding you. We have a suitable campsite for you.

Camping near Pune is a fun and exciting activity. Apart from the breathtaking experience of going outdoors, you will also undergo a thrilling experience. With Treks and Trails, you can select different campsites and plan your trip. 


Bhor Camping

Bhor Camping

Bhor is one of the highly recommended camping sites near Pune, and it is just perfect for fun-loving people. Situated 61kms away from Pune, this place is a tiny picturesque village, overlooking the Bhatgar Dam. In addition to this, with its stunning backdrop of gently sloping hills, verdant lawns and luxuriant greenery, this is a perfect destination for all who want to connect with nature. All through camping here, people stay in comfy alpine tents, with vistas of the dam around them. 


Kolad Camping

Earlier it was a fishing village, but now it is known as an essential adventure spot for folks on the lookout for camping in Pune. Kolad is famous for Kayaking on Kundalika River and Bungee Jumping. You can also choose from exciting Sahyadri treks located near Kolad Camping. Famous Sahyadri Fort treks are Sudhagad Fort Trek, Sarasgad Fort Trek. Andharban Forest Trek and Tamhini Plus Valley Trek are also very popular with Pune crowd. You can also visit the famous Devkund Waterfall located near Kolad camping. Pune Winter camping brings you close to nature you can opt for tent stay by the Kolad Kundalika River. 

Here, you can choose between alpine tents that can occupy from two to three people and Swiss tents that come with cots & attached washrooms.


Alibaug Beach Camping

Alibaug Beach Camping

Without any question, this beach camping destination in Alibaug is ideal. Here, you’ll be able to camp just next to the beach and enjoy the soothing sound of the marine outside. Camping experts recommend going for swimming or fishing to have fun. Moreover, the bonfire and light music will make your evening an out of this world’s experience. 

Last but not least, we advise to bring extra warm clothes & blankets with you as the nights in winter can get a little colder. Don’t forget to have your camping gear and friends for a great company.


Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake Camping 

On those cold and wet days, we often wish that we were somewhere warm to relax and do nothing. If you are one among those people, then you are in luck. We will share some fantastic tips on how you can do nothing but enjoy your time in the outdoors. All you need to do is prepare your bags and make sure they are ready for a camping trip with your friends and family.

Pawna Camping is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, natural beauty, and the wonders of nature. It's a great chance to escape the city and enjoy a carefree holiday with friends and family. 

Adventure is at your doorstep when you camp in one of our many campsites. The season is just suitable for camping, enjoy a budget-friendly holiday, sanitized sites with many activities to do.


Malshej Ghat Camping

Malshej Ghat Camping
Winter is the best time for camping. Camping involves a lot of fun and adventure. It involves a trip to a place away from the city's hustles and bustles. It also involves some good food and live music. Malshej Ghat Camping is the best place for camping near Pune.


Panshet Lake Camping

Panshet Camping

Camping is a great and adventurous way to spend your holidays with your family and friends. You can enjoy in the lap of nature, with the refreshing air, hear the birds chirping, lighting up a campfire, and so many things.Panshet Camping near Pune is the best for camping. Located just two hours away from the city, you can quickly escape into the wilderness. 


Kasarsai Dam Camping

Kasarsai Camping 

Camping is one of the most magical experiences of life, and however, it's not everyone's cup of tea. To make sure that everyone can enjoy the outdoors and the camping experience, there are a few things that you need to get right. We take care of your camping gear requirement and campsite selection. We are helping you get rid of the stress associated with planning a day out. You can rely on our handpicked locations for the best camping experience near Pune.