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Aadrai Jungle trails and Devkund waterfall are one of the most beautiful hikes in Mumbai and a great destination for a day or weekend trip.

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Aadrai Waterfall Trek Adventure awaits


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Experience it to believe it; Aadrai Jungle Trek is one of the best treks in India with its untouched beauty and breathtaking waterfall. Book now for your experience with us!


Andharban Jungle Trek


Andharban Jungle Trek is a beautiful trekking destination that is perfect for all ages and weather. You can explore the jungles and waterfalls with various trek routes and enjoy the awesome food.

Trekking for all ages With Andharban Jungle Trek, you can enjoy a variety of treks that are perfect for individuals of all ages and weather. The routes are ideal for newbies looking to take their first step into hiking.

Waterfalls that will never stop flowing. Andharban Jungle Trek has more than one waterfall. From the challenging Sahyadri trek to the scenic Tamhini Valley trek, you're sure to find something to suit your needs.

Hiking with friends and family. Hiking with your friends and family is always fun! Visit Andharban Jungle Trek during the weekends, holidays, or even weekdays if you can't wait to go out on a hike with your loved ones.

Great weather year-round. You no longer need to worry about what time of year it is - visit Andharban Jungle Trek! Our trails are open all year round. 


Devkund Waterfall Trek


The best places to trek near Mumbai. Find the perfect trekking destination near you with Trekking Places Mumbai. We have various locations to suit all tastes and preferences, from the dense forests of Sanjay Gandhi National Park to the lush green valleys of Lonavala.

Tours for all ages and abilities. Trekking Places Mumbai offers you several different routes for your convenience with varying difficulty levels - so everyone is welcome! We want everyone to enjoy themselves as much as possible; we're also happy to consider your dietary requirements for your next trip.

Explore nature; Whether you're an experienced hiker or just taking your first steps into the outdoors, our guides are always there to help you explore all India has to offer.

Beautiful destinations, There's always something waiting to be discovered around the next corner - so get walking! With Trekking Places Mumbai, it's never been easier to find new landscapes and unearth new adventures on your doorstep.


Visit Manikgad Fort Trek

Trekking in the hills of Maharashtra, at an altitude of above 2000 feet, is one of the best ways to forget your daily worries and return to nature.

Beautiful destinations, Manikgad Fort Trek is a breathtakingly beautiful destination, perfect for your next hiking trip. Explore the scenic views and enjoy the fresh air as you walk up this fort.

Hiking for all ages, We have trekking trips available for all ages, so whether you're a seasoned hiker or looking to take your first steps in adventure, we've got you covered.

Best locations, We offer treks in some of the best locations around Maharashtra. Choose from our list of treks and find one near you, or let us know which location interests you, and we'll tell you if it's available.

Great weather, No need to worry about bad weather on our treks! We provide great visibility and minimal chances for rain on our hikes.

Enjoy waterfalls & explore nature; we give you a chance to enjoy some of the most picturesque waterfalls around Maharashtra while also exploring the natural beauty that only our hills have.


Irshalgad Fort Trek


Feeling adventurous? If you love being in the great outdoors, exploring nature, and reaching for the stars, trekking to the top of Irshalgad Fort is for you.

The trek to Irshalgad Fort is a 13-km trek through the Sahyadri ranges with a gradient of 800 meters. The trek starts from Karjat and offers scenic views of mountain ranges, waterfalls and forests. We take care of everything - from transportation to food to camping gear - all you need to do is enjoy what's out there!

Beautiful destinations, We're not just about adventure - we also offer awesome destinations like Shimla, Delhi, Kovalam, Jaipur and many more. So we've got you covered, whether it's an action-packed adventure or an immersive retreat you're after.

Great weather conditions, Nothing can ruin your day more than unpredictable weather conditions. With us, you don't have to worry about rain or wind spoiling your day out here we've got great weather all year round!