Tamhini Ghat Pune Blog

Tamhini Ghat Pune Blog

Gorgeous Ghat covered in Fog and clouds

If you are a trekker, then you must be familiar with the name Tamhini Ghat while visiting places like Devkund waterfall, Andharban Jungle trek, and Raigad, Kolad, and Konkan regions. One must have passed through the Tamhini Ghat number of times, enveloped in fog and clouds hanging low surrounded by rich green spread and cascades. It is a road frequently voyaged yet stays unexplored. Situated about 40 kms from Pune, Tamhini Ghat is a mountain passage nestled in the Western Ghats' lap amidst Mulshi and Tamhini in Maharashtra. The Ghat slices across the Sahyadri ranges to join Pune and the Kokan region.

The Ghat is infamous for its broad, all-encompassing vistas and is mostly famous for the pleasant picturesque long drives that the road offers. Moreover, the spot gloats of excellent falling cascades, beautiful lakes, and emerald green woods. The Ghat is a flawless getaway that looks incredibly luring during the monsoons when it sways with greenery and looks imposingly dreamlike. Tamhini Ghat is a gorgeous mountain channel that of late gaining a lot of popularity among the Punekars and even the Mumbaikars. So, get your wheels gearing for a road trip with your squad to Tamhini Ghat for a weekend getaway.

Tamhini Road Trip

Best months to visit the Ghat

Location: Sahyadri, Western Ghats, Maharashtra.

Starting Point: The Ghat section commences at Mulshi Lake and concludes at the Orchard Café, Sanaswadi, covering 44 kms.

Best months to visit Tamhini Ghat: Even though the Ghat stays green and gorgeous throughout the year and can be visited anytime, the recommended months to visit is during the monsoons between July and September. The entire Ghat is glowing in shades of green, the lakes and cascades sputter with shiny water, and the whole spot resembles a fantasy.

Andharban Trek

How to reach Tamhini Ghat Pune

Getting there:

Roads well connect Tamhini Ghat. There are state buses that ply through the Tamhini Ghat connecting Pune city with places on the Goa highway (NH17). The most popular option to reach and explore Tamhini Ghat is via a road in your private vehicle, in short, a road trip.

How to reach Tamhini Ghat from Mumbai: Take the Rasayani – Imagica Theme Park – Pali –Vile route. This will lead you to the Mulshi Lake and the Tamhini Ghat road. Tamhini Ghat can also be reached from Mumbai via the Mumbai-Goa

By reaching Kolad and after crossing the bridge over Kundalika River, Highway takes the left turn that leads to Pune via the Mulshi Dam backwaters.

How to reach Tamhini Ghat from Pune: Drive ahead of the Pirangut village and take the road to Mulshi Lake. After about 20 kms, you will spot the Mulshi Lake.

Andharban Trekking

About the Ghats

The Tamhini Ghat cuts through the Sahyadri Mountain ranges to join Mulshi to Tamhini and makes Konkan's course from Pune. This ghat extends just about 15 km. The roadway is currently excellent and recently laid. The whole stretch turns into a well-known location during the monsoons. During the windy season, the spot changes into a green bed with numerous cascades and streams. Tamhini Ghat is the stretch among Kolad and Mulshi dam backwaters. It contains various types of smooth green rugs, spouting streams, dull dark mists stooping low, and periodic cascades. These offhand cascades pull in sightseers from all over. One can go through a whole day here by hiking across the thick jungles, searching for the origin of a cascade.

Encircled by nearby mountains and enveloped with foreboding shadowy clouds, the Mulshi Lake's vistas look stunning. From here, the Tamhini Ghat road starts, initially going along the Mulshi Lake and afterward encompassed by tremendous mountains, thick woods, and rich green valleys with various cascades up and down the way. The road is in excellent condition, with only a couple of potholed areas. In any case, the view around would make up for such segments.

Tamhini Waterfall

The Perfect Road Trip

As you drive further, the view starts getting progressively significant, with transcending mountains delegated with thick mists and rich greenery all around with the perfect measure of fog, to make it look lovely without darkening things.

From the Tamhini Ghat, the road that prompts the Mulshi Dam backwaters goes to the cascade at Palse. This specific cascade is these days becoming famous. Further ahead is Kolad, which is enormously popular for river rafting that you can do on the Kundalika. River

Remember to carry your trekking shoes if you need to get soaked in the cascades for a characteristic shower, as you will have to climb a tad for that. Get dressed, take hold of that controlling haggle towards Kundalika Valley. It is the beginning point for the Andharban Trail, a trek across the dull, thick backwoods. Ride as far as possible up to 'Independence Point.'

Mulshi Homestay

Attractions Nearby

Tamhini Waterfalls: The most well-known fascination is the captivating Tamhini Waterfalls. Otherwise called the Valse, these cascades course down a colossal stature and create a base pool. Besides traveling, touring, and picnicking, vacationers also love swimming in the water or taking a plunge.

Mulshi Dam: Mulshi Dam Backwaters isn't just the perfect location close to Tamhini Ghat but, on the other hand, is known for its exciting river rafting activities. Besides that, the spot is a mainstream outing spot and offers entrancing spots for exploring.

Mulshi Lake: Mulshi Lake is the beautiful pool of water shaped underneath the Mulshi Dam. It is a peaceful spot where you can sit with a crate of food to appreciate the lovely bounteous nature. You can also engage in boating here.

Andharban Trail Point: Andharban is one of the numerous vantages focuses situated at the spot. There is a legitimate path prompting the spot where you can discover numerous trekkers. The course is a famous climbing trail that offers clearing vistas of the environment. It will likewise take you through numerous impressive streams and floating cascades amidst lush flora and fauna.

Plus Valley

Nearby forts to visit and treks

Suppose you are looking for some adventurous options after a relaxing drive. In that case, you can head to Sudhagad Fort, Sarasgad Fort, Ghangad Fort, Tailbaila, and Kailasgad fort for trekking and rock climbing. These beautiful forts are popular hiking destinations in Maharashtra.

Tamhini to Pune Ghat

Popular Nearby Tamhini Ghat places to visit

One can also visit the top places near to Tamhini ghats like Lonavala, which is 30 km from Tamhini ghat, Lavasa, which is located 9 km from Tamhini ghat, Kamshet, which is located 33 km from Tamhini ghat, Khandala, which is located 32 km from Tamhini ghat and Pune which is located 42 km from Tamhini ghat


Highlights of the Road trip

  • The road trip weather, food, people, as well as the view of the Ghats, is breathtaking.
  • Nature enthusiasts will be thrilled to find green meadows encircling the Plus Valley.
  • The destination has a lot to offer for adventure junkies and tourists. Plus valley for waterfall rappelling, Kolad for White River rafting, and Andharban for a thrilling trek. Among the many beautiful places, Tamhini is sure something not to be missed.
  • One day getaway, known for its surroundings, scenic waterfalls, and lakes, it is a great place to head towards on the weekend.
  • The entire stretch from Mulshi to Tamhini is a treat to eyes and attracts many travelers from Pune and Mumbai, especially during the monsoons.
  • It is famous for its natural beauty with high mountains, green valleys, lakes, and waterfalls. The ghats look like an unbeatable wall at one end by the roadside.The entire Tamhini Ghat route connecting village Mulshi to Tamhini is a sight to behold.
  • Take a halt at any of the several waterfalls falling from the Western Ghats mountain ranges along the road, and you'll have a fantastic time.