Irshalgad Fort

Irshalgad derived its name from Irshal that means the top and 'gad' means the fort. This fort served as a watchtower in previous times due to its pinnacle. It was easy to keep a check over enemy movements around the fort. This trek to Irshalgad fort will test your endurance all through the trek putting forth various inclines and flat trails.

  • Location - Between Matheran and Panvel
  • Elevation - 3700 feet
  • Difficulty level - high
  • Best time to visit - June to Feb


Food and Accommodation Irshalgad Trekking

No food stalls available through the trek to Irshalgad. It is advisable to carry your handy eatables over the trek. There is no accommodation available all through the trek.


During the Irshalgad Trek

Irshalgad fort trek starts at Irshalwadi village. It is a small village offering spectacular views of paddy fields. After a steep ascent, you will gain some height, providing the beautiful look of Morbe Dam. It is a lovely view of greenery all around. It fills trekkers with the excitement to catch the best of the views from the top. This view inspires people to hike further.

The Irshalwadi plateau has paddy fields, and it feels so amazing to see farming done at such an elevation after crossing the Irshalwadi village, there is a chance to miss the way to the top. Keep in mind to continue to the ridge so as your destination is not lost the midway. It often rains during, monsoons; hence it is advisable to carry your rain jackets. The peak covered in the mist during monsoons and the view is breathtaking. It seems something similar to Jack and the beanstalk story. While reaching half of the plateau of Irshalgad fort, the pinnacle seems near, but it still stands far, asking for a little walk.

The hike at times becomes so steep and rocky that it demands trekking equipment. There are two ways to reach the top. One passes through the edge for the other one. You need to be fully equipped. It is advisable to take the more straightforward route, which offers some tough rocky patches, inclines, and steep trail yet leads to the top relatively with ease. Once you reach the top, impressive views welcome you, flaunting the best of the natural beauty and solitude. You will get to see caves and rock-cut cisterns near the top. All these are a superb example of architectural planning in the bygone era.


1 Day Available on request
Things to Carry
Things to Carry
  • Enough water supply for an emergency.
  • Handy snacks
  • A comfortable pair of sports shoes
  • Rain gears
  • Warm clothes with few extra pairs
  • Basic medicines
  • ORS packets
  • Sunglasses
  • Torch 
Frequently Asked Questions

Challenges during Irshalgad Fort Trek

  • Slippery trail
  • Drizzle and rain
  • Hot and humid weather
  • Fear to go the wrong way, without a map
  • No food and accommodation on the way.

Rewards Irshalgad Fort

  • Breathtaking views with the first hike.
  • Test of stamina
  • Easy climb midway
  • Views of high paddy fields
  • Numerous caves
  • Rock cut water cisterns
  • Morbe dam in the view

This trek offers everything all through the way. The glimpse of the pinnacle hiding in the clouds returns the efforts you put in to climb the top. Breathlessness, tired feet, sore muscles; everything caused while hiking seems to pay; once you look at the Irshalgad pinnacle, standing head held high!

These breathtaking views give a break from the hectic daily life, offering the test of endurance to its trekkers. This high difficulty level trek is surely rewarding once you reach the top, crossing every obstacle the trek puts forth!