Are you looking for the toughest trek in Maharashtra? Sahyadri is the best destination for the thrill and adventure lovers to take part in rappelling, rock climbing, zipline, traversing, camping in the wild, navigating rock-cut steps, and challenging weather.

Sahyadri provides you with one of the most strenuous treks in Maharashtra & India. These treks will give you a lifetime experience with amazing views of nature and its beauty.



Hardest Trek in Maharashtra

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The best of the mountain ranges

Trekking in Maharashtra offers some of the best views and experiences in the world. We take you to some of the most picturesque locations, from high-altitude mountain ranges to richly forested hillsides.

A wealth of activities

We offer a range of options for all your adventure needs, from treks perfect for beginners to more challenging routes for those who want to push themselves.


Alang Madan Kulang Trek


Alang Madan Kulang Trek is for extreme adventurers. It is a three-day hike through the dense jungles of the Western Ghats. You will need your climbing gear and rappelling equipment to get to the campsite, but it's worth it.

Enjoy the beauty of nature on the toughest trek in Maharashtra, hike and jungle stay through some of the wildest places in India. Trek through the Sahyadri and experience quintessential AMK Trek with fantastic food, friendly people, experienced guides and beautiful scenery.


Sandhan Valley Trekking


If you're an adventure seeker, then the Sandhan Valley Trek is for you! Hike through the most challenging terrain, camp under the stars, enjoy delicious food and photograph the beautiful landscape. You will have wild animals as your friends and sleep under the Milkyway galaxy to see the most beautiful sky in India. 

Nature's beauty is at its best in the Sandhan valley. It takes Two days of intense hiking, but you'll experience the most spectacular trek of your life! It's one of the toughest hikes, but it's worth it. 

The beautiful weather, wildflowers, fantastic food, and landscape photography have made this trek a popular destination. Rock climbing and rappelling are a part of the adventure for those who dare to try. 


Harishchandragad Trek


Harishchandragad via Nalichi vaat is one of the most challenging treks in Sahyadri, if not the toughest. But in the end, you're rewarded with an incomparable experience. We have reserved tents and all equipment to ensure a comfortable stay on the trek. You can enjoy a leisurely walk in the morning, take a rapid ascent or rock climb during the day, and then relax at a camp.

Harishchandragad is one of the most challenging treks in India! Adventurers will enjoy stunning views and landscapes, but be prepared for the hike! The two-day trek is technically straightforward but full of rock patches and steep ascents. Camping is permitted, and there's an option to climb if you feel up to the challenge.


Harihargad Trek


Harihar fort trek is a one-day adventure that'll take you through rugged terrain and beautiful weather throughout the jungle. You'll see some of western India's most beautiful landscapes. You'll feel closer to nature by sleeping under the stars and getting close to wildlife. Rock climbing and hiking are just some things you'll experience on this trek.


Devkund Waterfall Trekking 


Devkund waterfall trek is an extreme one day of an arduous yet fun trek through the jungles of Tamhini Ghat. But don't worry, it's not all hard work and no play. The trek is filled with excellent streams to surprise you at every turn, rappelling to get your adrenaline pumping, beautiful wildflowers, and delicious home-cooked meals made by your expert guides. You'll also be treated to scenic views.


Trek only after reading these crucial suggestions.

Do you often feel the want to trek? Do you want to learn how to plan your vacation more effectively? If you're prepared, you've come to the right place. The tips that follow will help you have a better break.


Carry enough cash on your treks

When travelling outside, bring cash. Your credit card or debit card won't always function the same way at home, and there's no assurance that you'll have access to an ATM. You may also avoid dishonest money changers by exchanging cash or mobile payment before leaving.


Get rid of your fanny pack. 

A fanny pack not only makes you look like a tourist, but it's also easy pickings for a robber. Consider acquiring a multi-pocket trekking vest instead of a fanny pack if you want the convenience of a fanny pack. These carry the same weight as a backpack but keep the contents closer to your body, where they are safer.


Wear old clothes on your treks

When visiting a new hiking area, think about bringing along unused clothes. You'll have extra room in your baggage for new things or souvenirs if you can get rid of worn-out clothing while trekking. Additionally, hiking is terrible on clothes, particularly brand-new ones.


Travelling for your trek on a Ship

One of my favourite ways to travel the world is aboard a ship. I board the ship and relax in my cabin, leaving most of my concerns and stress behind. You can eat some of the most incredible meals you've ever eaten whenever you want on a voyage ship. You may choose from a wide variety of beach excursions and nighttime music. Spend the day reading, enjoying your favourite beverage, and relaxing by the pool if you need some serious downtime.


Avoid revealing your destinations.

Never tell a street seller where you are going on trekking. These sellers are skilled at persuasion and knowledgeable about the financial interests of individuals from all cultures. They will use yours to convince you to purchase what they are selling. Say "No, thank you," and then turn to go.


Travel Light

You may save a lot of time and avoid many difficulties by packing lightly. If you bring carry-on luggage, you won't have to spend time waiting at the baggage carousel after your trip, and you won't have to worry about the airline misplacing your bags.


Avoid hotel staff for advice

Stay away from hotel workers if you need to find a place to dine or if you want advice on a nearby activity. Most of them are paid to suggest you visit specific areas and ask for recommendations from shops, cafes, or restaurants you enjoy calling.


Visit nearby Attractions

To save money, look for package packages at nearby attractions. Several hotels offer special tour packages that include admission to these attractions. Most of the time, the hotels provide the tickets without charge, which they may then pass along to their clients as part of package deals that are advantageous to hotel guests.


Invest in adventure travel Insurance

Purchase travel insurance for trekking and adventure packages. You never know when an unexpected event may happen! Without travel insurance or adventure insurance, you would lose all of your money if someone got sick or injured and you had to change your plans.


Tag your Backpack

Your name and phone number should be written inside and outside your bag. Your contact information will remain within your Rucksack even if it is lost or the information on the exterior goes away. Make sure you do this for all of your possessions. 


Hiking with Kids

Try to bring along some snacks, beverages, and meals that little children like while trekking. Most kids don't enjoy the food and drink the homestay serves. Pack amusing toys, games, and activities for youngsters to enjoy throughout the travel.


Buy an instant photo camera.

Invest in disposable cameras for your kids if you're taking them trekking. They are inexpensive and will amuse your toddler the entire journey. Asking your kids to take pictures of anything they want to remember about the hike can result in some incredible photos.


Use Public Transportation

Use the bus or train at night if possible. Use these public transportation options to reach your location and save money on the hotel while getting some rest. Make sure you have an inflatable cushion and blanket if you're travelling in economy.


Invest in climbing shoes 

You'll want new shoes if you want to go rock climbing. Although you should be able to stand in your shoes, they should be painful to walk in. Your capacity to utilise your legs and have the best control of your actions will grow with tight shoes.


Dress as per the weather

When trekking, try to pack as little as possible while dressing appropriately for the environment and the scheduled activities. So you don't freeze or sweat as much when climbing. Also, ensure extra cash in an emergency to avoid becoming stranded overseas!

That wasn't that bad, was it? After reading this article, you should be excited to experiment with your trip plan. Hopefully, the extra adjustments you made to your project helped you achieve your goals. Try something else until you're pleased if it doesn't work. The fact that travel is fully customizable is its most attractive feature.