Trekking in the Western Ghats is an overall fascinating experience. You get to explore one of India’s hottest biodiversity sites, with diverse species of flora and fauna to keep you charmed. Treks in the Western Ghats are amazing in the monsoon and winter season when the climate is pleasing and the forests, waterfalls, and lakes are in their most picturesque form. The Western Ghats is among the few is blessed with numerous magnificent hill forts and hilly plateaus along its outskirts. This offers its local residents and day-trippers a chance to discover and seek out adventures while spending valuable hours amidst nature.

Trekking sites near the Western Ghats comprise of dense green hills, meandering trails which give an ultimate rush of adrenaline. These locations are like a whiff of fresh air that will effectively detach you from the conflict of the city and monotonous urban lifestyle. Whether you are looking forward to spending an exciting weekend with your buddies or stealing some moments of isolation and comfort for yourself, there are abundant treks that will fill you up with optimism along with the refreshing ambiance and extensive views. You should definitely check out the treks if you are looking to explore the great outdoors at a chilled out pace.