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A hike is a great way to spend a weekend morning, and if you're looking for someplace close to Pune, we've got just the spot. Panshet Dam is located around an hour and a half from the city, making it the perfect destination for a day hike or weekend getaway. Our guided treks include bus transfer, all meals, experienced guides, and forest fees – so all you need to worry about is enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced hiker, we have something for everyone. So join us on an adventure!


Best Destinations in Pune for Trekking

Pune Trekking Destinations

If you are looking for an outdoor activity to take up on the weekends, consider trekking. The hills around Pune offer plenty of opportunities for a good hike and some great views. For those who want to make a day of it, we offer guided treks that include bus transfers, meals, experienced guides, and forest fees. 

Some popular hiking destinations near Pune are the Harishchandragad, Rajgad Fort, and the Sinhagad Fort. If you're looking for something less strenuous, there are also many lovely hikes through the valleys and forests around Pune. 

 Whatever trek you choose, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and bring sunscreen, water, and snacks. And don't forget your camera - the scenery is breathtaking!

Hiking is a great way to explore nature and take a break from the busy city life. If you're looking for a fun weekend activity, hiking is just what you need. Pune Trekker is your best bet to explore the outdoors and get closer to nature. Please chat with us on our website and book your first trek today!


Why should you go for a trek near Pune?

Just like you need to get away from the city and explore nature, you also need to take a break from work and recharge your batteries. Go on a hike to enjoy the great outdoors, and it's also a great idea to trek near Pune to get up close and personal with the natural beauty of this region.


Is trekking safe for solo female travelers near Pune?

It is like asking if it is safe for a lone wolf to travel through the wilderness. There is always a risk involved in traveling, but with proper precautions, trekking can be safe for solo female travelers near Pune. 


Fitness required by Pune Trekkers

The decision to go trekking is essential and should not be taken lightly. It's crucial to make sure you are physically prepared for the journey before you sign up. Trekking can be a strenuous activity, and having the proper gear and shoes to make the most of your experience is essential. If you're not in good shape, you may struggle on the trail. 

That's why it's essential to check your fitness level before signing up for the trekking. Start by assessing your current fitness level and then set some realistic goals for improvement. An excellent way to start is by incorporating regular cardiovascular exercise into your routine, including running, biking, or swimming. In addition, try to add strength training at least twice a week, which will help improve your endurance and overall strength.


Trekking gear for a comfortable trekking trip 

When planning a trekking trip, it is essential to have the right gear, and this will help ensure that you are comfortable and safe during your trek. Here are some critical items to bring with you: 

Trekking shoes are essential for a comfortable trek. Make sure to choose shoes for trekking, as they will provide support and cushioning. You may also want to bring a pair of sandals or flip-flops when you reach your destination. 

A dry bag is a must-have item for any trekker. This bag can keep your clothes and other belongings dry during wet weather and is also helpful for storing food and other supplies. 

A torch is another essential item for trekkers, and this can be used to light your way in the dark or signal for help if needed.