Places to go near Pune. Pune provides an array of picnic spots just a couple of hours away. You will find beaches, spiritual places, mountains, valleys, ancient caves, forts, palaces, temples, nature parks, wildlife sanctuary, camping grounds, and a lot more.

All significant picnic spots are extremely close and easy to achieve from Pune. Hence it's possible to return every day or create your stay last a weekend. It's typical for residents of Pune to go off to one of the gorgeous hotels on weekends. Hence a busy week readily becomes an enjoyable and relaxing time.  Those that are of this adventurous soul will come across a great deal to do also. Camping, biking, hiking, rafting, rock climbing, mountaineering, and paragliding are sufficient to stay active for several seasons.

Whitewater rafting is completed at the Kundalika River in a mere two hours drive from Pune. You will find Kamshet paragliding sites that provide training for beginners. Activities coordinated by experience hotels consider the security of participants. Pune also includes a rock-climbing centre to train new fans of this game. After an exhausting outdoor experience, you may enjoy the luxurious spa treatment at the hotel.

The shores along the Konkan coast are among the greatest in the nation. There are several secluded beaches acceptable for your vacationers looking for solitude. These shores are a superb way to spend quality time with family. Beach camping is getting popular. You'll have to ask the hotel authorities or around for the camping place. It is sensible to remain protected from the large tides.

Many scenic mountain stations near Pune are famous all around the nation. The hotels here are both beautiful and possess excellent amenities.  Interestingly Pune isn't necessarily such a hectic and bustling town.  It stayed a gorgeous hill station not long past. Lonavala and Khandala, a favorite spot on weekends, offer Adventure parks, Wax museum, Dhabas, Camping, Trekking, Long drive options. 

The sculptures within the caves are intriguing that tell many tales.  A trip to such caves and into the Ekveera Devi temple is excellent for a one day trip.  Individuals who see these caves usually stop by the Bedse caves and Bhaje caves also.  These caves are best for viewing from the morning light.  Hence you'll need to head out early.

You will find lakes and dams which are ideal picnic spots only 12 to 15 Kms from Pune.  A few of them supply water into the city.  Boating on such lakes is a favorite activity.  One thing is certain, a trip to those picnic spots nearby Pune is going to be unforgettable. One trip might not be adequate.

Best hikes near Pune

Panshet Lake Camping


You must stop by this campground if you're seeking a fantastic vacation spot with everything from stunning waterfalls to delectable cuisine! It is not only conveniently close to Mumbai and Pune but also ideal for those who like climbing and trekking. You won't soon forget your time spent here!

Are we searching for a place to escape Mumbai and Pune's bustle? Visit our magnificent lake camping now! The meal is fantastic, and you're in the middle of Nature in addition to the comfy driving. Explore today! Hiking, hiking, and backpacking are all nearby.

Are you trying to escape the city's noise and bustle? Then visit our Panshet camping beside a lake! You may take in the stunning environment, delectable cuisine, and relaxing drives here. Furthermore, getting here for a weekend break is simple since we're close to Mumbai and Pune. Additionally, we provide hiking, trekking, and backpacking possibilities if you're feeling very daring.


Devkund Waterfall Maharashtra


Devkund Waterfall is the place to go if you're seeking an excellent hiking location close to Mumbai and Pune. The ride is delightful, and the food is fantastic. There is also a tonne of hiking and rock climbing in the region. You won't be let down! 

The Western Ghats' Devkund waterfall Maharashtra is a well-kept secret. You can quickly go there from Mumbai and Pune, and the Bhira campground is lovely, and the cuisine is delicious. In the region, you may hike, trek, and backpack.



Kaas Pathar Tour


In the Indian state of Maharashtra, the Kaas Plateau often referred to as the "Kaas Pathar," is located in the Western Ghats Sahyadri range 22 kilometres from Satara city. The Kaasa tree is the source of the name Kaas. This tree's leaves age, changing from green to scarlet. Due to the incredible biodiversity found here, this place has been designated a "WORLD HERITAGE SITE." 

This biodiversity hotspot is home to a wide variety of wildflowers, some of which are unique to Kaas, as well as countless insect species, stunning bird species, amphibians, reptiles, and several notable mammalian species. The pleasure of visiting this "paradise on earth" is always excellent.


Pawna Lake Camps


One of the most incredible camping locations around Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Pune is Pawna Lake in Maharashtra. With tents close to Pawna Lake, we provide the most outstanding service. The ideal way to enjoy the weekend with friends, family, business groups, and college groups is to go camping in the great outdoors. Book your tickets as soon as possible to enjoy one of the most extraordinary things possible. 

Trails & Treks Reviews for camping at Pawna Lake are the greatest of all the campgrounds because of the welcoming staff, delicious food and barbecue, live music, clean tents, couple-friendly amenities, and clean restrooms. Group discounts and business camping arrangements are available for reservations at Pawna Lake Camping.