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Plan your next trek

Plan your next trek

Treks and Trails is a platform that offers you the best places near you for trekking. Whether you are looking for a day hike or an overnight trip, it has something for everyone.

Explore the picturesque Lohagad Fort


The majestic Lohagad Fort in Pune, Maharashtra, is known for its sheer vertical drop, making it one of the steepest in India. The trek to the summit offers dramatic views of the surrounding Sahyadri mountain ranges and Pawna Lake, which are difficult to witness from other vantage points.


Go back in time on Vasota Fort Trek

Vasota Fort Satara

The Vasota Fort Trek starts from Satara near Pune, Maharashtra, and takes you on a wonderful ride through some amazing landscapes. The trail meanders through lush green forests with plenty of waterfalls before it finally reaches Vasota Fort at its peak. You can enjoy this short walk by coming with friends or family members. Don't forget to pack some snacks and water along!

Look out for adventure on Andharban Jungle Trek


Andharban Jungle Trek takes you through remote forests and villages before reaching the amazing Hirdi Village and Bhira Dam.


Explore Visapur Fort located in Lonavala,


Visapur is one of the most popular forts in Maharashtra. Explore this fort and earn bragging rights by proving your mettle!


Rajmachi Killa Trek


Explore Rajmachi Fort located in the Lonavala district and is a popular tourist attraction because of its scenic location and Kataldhar waterfall. Join us on this journey to explore this historic fort!


Devkund Waterfall Location Bhira


Explore Devkund Watefall Trek is situated on an outcrop of Tamhini ghat, and Bhira Dam offers breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and hills. The most popular hiking destination in Maharashtra. Experience this for yourself with us.


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The trekking and jungle tourism industry are roaring, and we're here to help you get more out of it. Explore the jungles and treks near you with our list of excursions.


Aadrai Jungle Trek


Trekking is a favourite activity for many people who want to explore new places, but the problem is, there are too many places! Make things easier by browsing our list of treks in your area. Aadrai Jungle Trek is one of the best-hidden treks in Maharashtra, with amazing views of the best mountains in Sahyadri. 

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Experience something new Treks and Trails offers a variety of exciting treks and trails near you to keep you entertained all year round. What's on offer? We have a range of exciting treks and trails available, from easy to difficult, with various lengths. Depending on your preference, these can be done independently or in a group. Is there anything we can't do?

No! In addition to these fantastic trekking experiences, we offer some other activities such as jungle safaris, waterfall rappelling, stargazing, camping, and more, making it hard to want to leave our website!


Devkund waterfall trek & camping   

Devkund waterfall trek & camping

Want to see one of India's most stunning locations? The Tamhini Ghat Waterfall Trek is your best bet! You go through breathtaking terrain on this guided hike, ending with a massive waterfall plunge. You'll experience the finest of what India offers and the breathtaking vistas.