Adventure Treks in Maharashtra

March is the perfect month to visit these inviting trekking locations as the heat is moderate and still not harsh in Maharashtra. In case you missed these places during your trekking schedule, now it’s time to complete your trekking expedition. Get on to these places and explore the challenging natural beauty.


Vasota fort trek

This trek is a perfect forest trail located in the Satara district. It falls in the vicinity of a forest reserve of Sahyadri and also known as the ‘Vyaghragad’. The trek passes through a river and thick deep-set trees. This wilderness trek to Vasota fort will make you forget aching feet. You will love soaking yourself in the beauty around while catching your breath. The thick forest cover, a silent river and plenty of big and small scattered rocks make this trek distinct.


Rajgad fort

Rajgad fort is a day trek located at an altitude of 4250 feet. Two beautiful lakes will welcome you once you reach the top. The fort offers the best enthralling views to its trekkers as a feast. It will take about 2.5 hours to reach the top via Pali. The trek has a moderate difficulty level, and it is not very hard to climb. Winter season is the best time to capture the essence of the place at its best. 


Kohoj Hill fort trek

This 800 years old fort is in the abandoned state but offers excellent trekking experience to its visitors. It is a moderately difficult trek that takes about 2.5 hours to reach the central plateau from the base camp. You will get to see rock-cut water cisterns which are a superb example of architecture planning in the medieval era. The fort is in ruins but still narrates the grandness of the old world.


Takmak fort trek

Takmak fort lay near Virar and located at an altitude of 2000 feet. The trek to Takmak fort passes through a green stretch of trees that are so dense at places that it seems, light finds it hard to penetrate through them. Next, there is a steep climb passing through a ridge. The rocky, uneven patch welcomes you, but this offers the best feel of nature as well. On the top, you will get to see the set of twin peaks Navra- Navri welcoming you. This trek will surely be the mix of adventure and fun as a complete package. 


Irshalgad fort trek

Irshalgad is a small fortress located near the Irshalwadi village between Matheran and Panvel. The complete trek overlooks a dam. The view of the dam gets better and better as you ascend to the top. Trekking here is a thrilling experience but offers captivating views during sunset. Test your endurance on this trek and get fabulous scenic beauty waiting for you. These places will embrace you in their marvellous natural cover through the majestic views, deep caves, lively waterfalls, and lush greenery all around. These are perfect locales to unwind your tired soul into a new reincarnation to bounce back to your place entirely new and charged.