In today’s time when technology and the internet have become such an integral part of our lives, the best thing to do is to introduce our children to nature. Children are instinctive scientists and love to experiment with visions, smells, rhythms, and feels of the outdoors. Nature offers endless opportunities for invention, imagination, inspiration and problem-solving. It boasts a child’s mental, emotional, social and bodily development. Being on a trek amidst a refreshing environment facilitates running, jumping, hopping, skipping and climbing which releases tension and builds stronger bodies.

This weekend a trek with your child, watch worms wriggle through the soil, listen to the birds sing, smell fresh-cut grass, jump over or into puddles and gaze at the clouds. Nothing beats trying to cross a stream together by stepping from rock to rock or seeing your child climbing a tree higher than you knew your child could climb.  Needless to state, the effect of trekking on children is incredible. Apart from experiencing the power of unity, making new buddies and a sport that has no parallel; kids can experience a major boost in their confidence levels and often observe lessons on how to take care of their own.