Places to trek post Coronavirus lockdown

Places to trek post Coronavirus lockdown

Trek post Coronavirus lockdown

Best Trek post Coronavirus lockdown. The year 2020 started for us with a virus entering our lives and created havoc for our existence. Novel coronavirus started in Wuhan city, China, in late 2019 and has spread in almost the whole world. As we all know, the transmission is rapid, and no treatment found to be effective; the only option left with us is social distancing. Covid19 may cause mild to severe symptoms depending majorly on the immunity of an individual and the co-morbid conditions. We, trekkers, are no doubt fit and healthy, but to avoid getting infected are forced to be away from the mountains and trails.

Although we got quarantined for our safety at home, we are not used to being at home on weekends. We miss being in the mountains, trailing through the paths leading us to the peak to witness the magnificent views.

We are all waiting for the lockdown to end soon, but it should also be safe for us to move around fearlessly. Most of us are ready for the treks that we want to do, let's go through a list of places that newbies and advanced trekkers can enjoy to the fullest. As the world awaits cure for COVID-19, here's a list of trek post coronavirus lockdown you can embark on once the lockdown gets terminated.

Kedarkantha Trek | Treks and Trails India

Kedarkantha is a mountain peak of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India. Kedarkantha trek base village is Sankri, which has the entrance to the sanctuary. Its an 8 hours drive through the beautiful roads of Uttarakhand. After completion of the halfway tour, mystic and dense pine forests are visible. Kedarkantha elevation is 12,500 feet—Kedarkantha, located within Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi district. Kedarkantha trek meeting point is Dehradun from where the road journey begins to Sankri. 

The stay at Sankri helps us acclimate us for the low temperature we will be facing in the next few days. Early morning, we start the trek after taking permission from the wildlife sanctuary and ascend. There are mules available on a rental basis for those who do not wish to carry thier luggage along. As we ascend, we come across a few snowy areas, and the excitement peaks high. The trek progresses through a thick forest and divine nature. 

The stay arranged in share tents. the trek extends for four days until a return trip to Sankri. As we ascend higher, the temperature drops down; in winter, the temperature at night falls below zero. the trek day to the summit starts midnight around 2.30 or 3 am such that we witness the sunrise at the summit. as its one of the famous and most natural trek in the Himalayas, it has well-defined routes available now. It becomes easy for beginners to walk. 

Walking on snow requires proper shoes and microspikes, which prevents slippage on the snow and helps in getting a good grip on snow. It will be helpful to have a trekking pole. the path till the peak is an extensive one, so we need to be hydrated along with instant energy bars. the zenith is majestic with a 360 view of many known peaks of the Himalayas. The return journey filled with many never to forget memories of a lifetime.

Kalsubai Trek | Trek post Coronavirus lockdown

Kalsubai is situated in Maharashtra, having the highest peak height of 1646 meters 5400 feet. The base village is Bari; the nearest railway station is Kasara. From Kasara, roadways help to reach the base village from where the trek begins. Its trekking difficulty is moderate to hard level and requires average endurance. In the post-monsoon period, the region witnesses a dramatic makeover with flowers of different colours and varieties blossoming along the landscape. These flowers attract a hoard of butterflies, bees, dragon-flies, and other insects to feed upon the precious nectar. Kalsubai Trek, there are well-designated trekking routes markers. The summit gives you an alluring view. The 360-degree view is a treat to your eyes. The best trek post Coronavirus lockdown in Maharashtra.

Rajmachi Fort Trek

It consists of two twin fortresses Shriwardhan Ballekilla and Manaranjan Balekilla, with a wide machi plateau surrounding the two Balekilla. Udhewadi is a small village situated on the machi, at the southern foot of Manaranjan Balekilla of Rajmachi Fort. Lonavala – Rajmachi Monsoon Trek distance is 15 km, and it is almost an everyday walk, though there are a few ups and downs on this path. It takes about three and a half hours to cover the distance on foot. From Kondivde or Kondhane village, it is a steep climb up to Rajmachi. An experienced trekker takes about two and a half hours to climb up on this route.

Kothaligad Fort Trek

Kothaligad Fort is a small Fort 3100 feet situated in Karjat, Maharashtra. It is one of the famous treks, because of its low height and easy climbing. It is also known as the Fort of Peth because of its vicinity to Peth village at its base. There are a small temple and a large cave at the bottom. A spiral staircase is built inside the fort to reach the top. The starting point for Kothaligad trek is Ambivili village. The nearest railway station is Karjat. From Karjat station, public road transports taken to reach till Ambivili village. Ambivili linked to Peth via a dirt road. From Ambivili, it is a 5.7-kilometre ascent to Kothaligad fort. From Peth village, it is a steep 1.5 kilometres climb to the base of Kothaligad fort. You gain 180 meters of vertical elevation in this 1.5-kilometre climb. The trail is rocky, narrow, and usually covered with trickling water during the monsoon. The path twines through dense bushes and trees as it follows a water pipe that links Peth village to Kothaligad fort. Trek post Coronavirus lockdown. The views from this trail, especially during the monsoons, are awe-inspiring.

Har Ki Dun

Har Ki Dun is a lovely cradle molded valley with immaculate scenic attraction. Har Ki Dun is at 3566 meters above the sea level. Har Ki Dun Trek, the most exclusive area of Uttarakhand. The state offers plenty of hikes in India. Har Ki Dun is the heart of Gharwal, Himalayas. Beginners should prefer Har Ki Doon Trek. Hikers, pleasure the dense greenery and the flourishing attraction of the peaks. Immerse in the region's charm with the impenetrable towering woodlands and the scenic landscape of the cliffs.

Triund Trek

Triund trek grants escapism into the grand Himalayas. Triund located some kilometers of Dharamshala. Triund is a site ideal for trekking with wondrous tracks extending spectacular landscapes of the complete Kangra Valley. Triund is the classic trek in India for newcomers as the hike to Triund is quick and uncomplicated. Triund Trek attempted from both Dharamkot or McLeodganj, which is two km from McLeodganj. Triund trek is a progressively sloping track. Before the Snowline, the Last two kilometers are upward climb till Triund. Camping after the Triund trek and enjoying the sunrise and sunset views is what draws the trekkers every year.

Antargange Trek | Trek post Coronavirus lockdown

Antargange Trek is a famous pilgrimage and hiking place. Bengaluru to Antargange Trek is sixty kilometers away. Caving is a recommended exercise hereabouts. Huge rocks and boulders accumulated on the head of each other and adjacently make a crisscross of networks that offer toward remarkable lively cavern investigation. Temple devoted to Lord Shiva, Shri Kashi Vishveshwara temple established here. Believers congregate to the temple to drink the water of the legendary pool inside, which considered to possess healing qualities. During summer months, Antargange is renowned for night trekking and camping. Antargange Trek is the most famous trek around Bengaluru.

Sharavathi Valley Trek

Sharavathi Valley Trek Snuggled amid the central Western Ghats. Sharavathi valley is a tranquil spot for those seeing to disappear from their restless lives. Sharavathi Valley Trek requires two days of trekking amidst gorgeous rivers and falls. Sharavathi Valley Trek is roughly 20 kilometers long. Sharavathi Valley is perfect for photography and famous amongst enthusiasts of flora and fauna. Sharavathi valley has abundant biodiversity, which will enthrall all. Sharavathi backwaters offer excellent camping sites and stunning scenes.