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Lonavala Weekend Breaks

Lonavala Weekend Breaks

Lonavala Weekend Break

Lonavala Weekend Breaks the charming getaways around Mumbai, Lonavala, and Khandala do not require an introduction. Indeed most preferred with all the Bollywood filmmakers and Mumbaikars equally, Lonavala also prized as the jewel of the Sahayadri Hills. Lonavala and Khandala located in the Mumbai-Pune Highway, nearly 5 kms in the distance from each another, these look-alike hill stations are most excellent in the rainy season. Lonavala and Khandala cast the pretty best umbra of green. Stroll into mist-covered points, stopover and see glistening waterfalls, feel the freshness of the wet earth and there isn't any shortage of picturesque charm.

Lonavala Parks

A honeymooner's heaven Ryewood Park is a patch full of towering trees and abundant with spaces for picnics. Additionally, it has a Shiva Temple in the interior. Right into the park is an older Christian soldier, which has gravestones over a century old. On the flip side, most of the embellishment from appealing gravestone has been removed or stripped.

Lonavala Forts

Lonavala Weekend Breaks to get a courageous and adventurous vacation, you will find over several forts that dot the landscape of Lonavala. The very well-liked one is that the Lohagad Fort means Iron Fort in Marathi. The Lohagad Fort stretches to the northwest to a supported spur, called Vinchu Kata Scorpion's tail because of its resembling shape. When mountaineering towards Lohagad Fort, You can also visit Bhaje caves, and atop the fort, there are few dargahs it offers excellent views of Pawna Dam, Tung Fort, Tikona Fort.

Visapur fort is to be found opposite Lohagad and is also a huge one. Visapur Fort is one of the most popular treks during monsoon in Maharashtra, Famous for waterfall steps. Visapur Fort has a couple of water tanks, little ponds along with other remains. Tung Fort and Tikona form the famous four forts located closeby guarding the valuable trade routes connecting Pune to Mumbai, Thane, Vasai, Panvel in the ancient period.

Rajmachi Fort is an impressive sight from Khandala. There is dirt track connecting the Udhewadi village to Lonavala a favorite off-roading route among bikers and car owners. Korigad Fort located near Amby valley is hidden in fog during the rainy season an easy outing for beginners in the world of Hiking.

Lonavala Lakes and Lonavala Dams

Lonavala has a fantastic number of little lakes crosswise its landscape. Tungarli Lake, which is most, visited throughout and after the monsoon, maintains deep levels until January, but by March the lake is parched dry. Pawna Lake, a famous camping spot for Mumbaikars during the winter and summer period, offers breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. Bhushi Dam a one-day picnic spot popular for overflowing waterfall step during monsoon receive crowds in thousands during the rainy season.

Lonavala Caves

Lonavala hill station was the place of Buddhist habitation for quite a time. Buddhist caves is the reason you will visualize in efface-able marks left by monks. Among the caves that are frequently visited is the Karla Caves, Bhaje Caves, Bedse Caves which is mainly known for its rock-cut architecture along with also the twin rows of ornamented pillars near the first hall.

Lonavala Fishing

Lonavala weekend breaks is an adventurer's entertainment and early morning is the perfect time to see anglers on the job! Although fishing equipment might be obtainable here, it would be wise to come equipped along with your own you're your equipment.

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