You're spending your days stuck in the city but don't want to miss out on the experience of the outdoors? It would help if you went night trekking near Mumbai. Feel the warmth of a bonfire as you enjoy amazing company, fresh air, and beautiful scenery. Don't let your social media posts from this weekend be from a faceless building. Come with us on an adventure near Mumbai.

Are you looking for a fun night trek near Mumbai destination? Trekking in the wild, spot birds and wildlife in the wild, enjoy a bonfire and amazing food and stay at a homestay. Night trek is the best time to spot the Milkyway in the wild. Experience a trek in Maharashtra at night, lit up by bonfires and amazing food and stay in a homestay.


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"One Day, One Night": A Unique Trekking Experience in Mumbai

Kalsubai Trek to the Highest Peak of Maharashtra

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Kalsubai Trek is the Highest Peak of Maharashtra and one of the best treks in India. It starts from Bari Village in Junnar district, Maharashtra, which is located about 160 from Mumbai. The peak at 1,637 meters above sea level offers a spectacular view of the Wilson Dam on one side and the Western Ghats on the other side. Kalsubai trek is an easy climb to a mountain summit that anyone can do with average fitness levels and some hiking experience. The highest peak offers panoramic views of the Alang Madan Kulang Forts, Ratangad Fort, and Samrad Village and its adjacent valleys. The Kalsubai Trek offers a glimpse into how our ancestors lived their lives centuries ago. The trail passes through thin forest trees before reaching the summit, where you can spot Milkyway Galaxy on a new moon night.