Best Treks in Maharashtra

Trekking is the real test of muscle strength and endurance. One can't pretend to be healthy, whereas real power is required to complete your hike. The view you get from the top of a mountain generates the best sense of achievement.

January is the best month to pack your bags for the trek in Maharashtra. The state observes beautiful weather with chilly days and colder nights — no sweating, hot and humid climate these days. You can explore many fantastic places while trekking. Trekking is not a moonwalk, yet in January, it is a lot more pleasant and memorable. Here is the list of sites that will help you to rejuvenate, leaving you free from corporate stress, time table, and hectic lifestyle.


Kalsubai Peak Trek

Kalsubai peak is the highest point in Maharashtra with an elevation of 5400 feet. It is visited throughout the year by trekking enthusiasts. Kalsubai temple located here where locals offer prayers, and a festival and fair organized during Navratri. Spotting the Milky Way from the top of the peak on a full moon night is the cherry on the cake. Pack your bags, tie your laces, and get ready for the top of the world feeling!


Kothaligad Fort Trek

This trek passes through green forest and rocky patches, yet it is not very difficult. It is suitable for beginners as this presents picturesque scenic points with low difficulty trekking levels. The trek starts from the base point Ambivali to Peth Gaon and Peth Gaon to Kothaligad. You will find beautiful wildflowers welcoming you throughout the trek. Kothaligad Fort Trek is the best trek to enjoy in January if you are looking for a hassle-free and less challenging trek and more of the natural beauty.


Lohagad Fort Trek

Trek to Lohagad fort is an easy climb that offers panoramic views of the Sahyadri Mountains. The top of the fort is reachable through stairs. After reaching the fort, you will find four doors interestingly named Ganesh Darwaza, Narayan Darwaza, Hanuman Darwaza, and Maha Darwaza. There is a dargah at the centre of the fort. There is a place called Vinchu kata in the fort located on its west. The area looks like the sting of a scorpion while looking around from this spot. 'Loha' means iron and this fort although in ruins, truly justifies its name.


Karnala fort trek

Located in Raigad district, Karnala hill fort is almost in ruins which are still standing with the head held high. The fort has two levels the upper and the lower level. The complete trek takes about an hour to reach the top. The view of the trek from the base sends chills across the spine. The greenery all around the fort looks inviting. Plan a day trip to capture the real feel of the place.


Rajmachi Trek

Rajmachi trek located near Lonavala. Rajmachi Night Trek is an easy 16 km long trek filled with waterfalls and greenery all along the route. It offers enthralling scenic beauty to its trekkers. In January, while trekking, you get to see unobstructed views of lush green, deep valleys. The path is not slippery at all, and the climb is not exhausting as a perk if you plan your trek this month.

You are visiting these places while trekking will be exciting! Experience the grandness of these places while your breath goes high and low and your muscles stretch out. Soak in your soul with the wilderness spread around these places offering to its trekkers!

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Devkund waterfall trekking and camping   

devkund waterfall trekking and camping

The Devkund waterfall trekking and camping are fantastic ways to enjoy the beautiful climate and overgrown verdant woodland. The trained trek leader will take you on a fun day of camping, stream crossing, and trekking near Mumbai and Pune. Devkund waterfall camping is a beautiful sight, and the camping facilities are top-notch.