The colorful festival of Holi is not far. Holi is that time of the year when everyone gets soaked in colors and festive moods. Holi is an age-old tradition of celebrating good over evil. The festival’s timing also indicates the onset of spring after winter. The reasons to celebrate Holi can be many, but the joy that it gives is always exhilarating. These days, people from all age groups prefer celebrating Holi in unconventional ways. One of the most sought after activities is Holi camping Pune. The trending culture is to pack your bags, take your friends, and head outside to a quiet camping site. The camping sites are usually outside the city limits and mostly at unexplored locations. 
Pune, the Oxford of the East, is a bustling city in Maharashtra. It is home to thousands of students and tens of thousands of working professionals. People from all corners of the country have settled here as they love the vibrant vibe of this place. Pune gives you heaps of options to celebrate Holi while camping. 

image credit: Maxime Bhm

Top five camping sites near Pune on Holi Festival

1. Holi Festival Karjat Lake Max Camping

Karjat Max calm lakeside offers a good ground for Camping. You leave the camp with more friends than you had on your arrival. The campsite serves fantastic food, great music, and a wide range of colors for the Holi celebration. Karjat serene lake is about 100 Km from Pune. 


2. Holi Lonavala Camping

The revered Hill Top is a perfect getaway on Holi this year. Lonavala is about 60 Km from Pune. Every year people flock to the exclusive camping sites here to play Holi. They love splashing and swashing colors on each other. The barbeque and bonfire set the mood later in the evening. 


3. Holi Alibaug Beach Camping and Holi Revdanda Beach Camping 

Alibag Beach is a well-known camping destination dotted with many beaches. You can explore Fantastic trekking options, watersports, and seafood. You can plan your next Holi by the splendid seaside near Revdanda. Alibaug camping blessed with the romantic beach. This year also the Holi lovers will throng the sandy lands of Alibag Camping to party with natural colors and water. 


4. Bhandardara Lake Camping on Holi

The Bhandardara Lakeside camping site proffers exemplary Colors, Music, and lip-smacking food every year on Holi. The camping site surrounded by the turquoise water is about 170 Km from Pune. Bhandardara lakeside Holi camping destination may look far, but the journey is worth it. At a mind-boggling height of more than 2400 feet above sea level, its unspoiled beauty is truly mesmerizing. 


5. Holi Camping Pawna Lake 

Holi brings friends and families together. The pristine Pawna Lake near Pune oozes sheer beauty. The campsites here also make arrangements for Holika Dahan a day before Holi. The ambiance gives you a Holi experience to cherish forever. 

Pune located between the mighty Sahyadris and vast plateaus, The ideal weather all round the year opens up plenty of opportunities for Camping. Undoubtedly, Holi is a massive hit amongst the young generation. The millennials love exploring new ways to have fun, and celebrating Holi in the wild seems to be their favorite.