If you want an exciting way to spend a weekend, try Cycling around Mumbai. While the city offers many options for a leisurely weekend, nothing beats cycling around the city. Our team will take you on excellent cycling paths around Mumbai and how you can take your cycle out for a ride.

Mumbai is not only a metropolitan but a beautiful city as well. On-road places are popular with cycling and off-road routes that take you to unexplored areas.

Oh, have you ever ridden the Cycle in a city like Mumbai? If the answer is Yes, you might know how difficult to go out alone or in a group by bike! But we have good news, and you can enjoy Cycling in the best way possible. 

There are some fantastic trails in Mumbai, and it's just that we need to explore. Once we explore, we will all enjoy the cycling experience. 


Never stop exploring!

Cycling in Mumbai

We are exploring Mumbai in a new way, creating zero pollution. We have clubbed here different cycling events in Mumbai. You can either choose to cycle at Midnight when the city sleeps and take advantage of empty streets. The city neon lights provide you with different opportunities for creating images. You will find empty roads and buildings lit with unique lighting schemes creating a unique oppurtunity for you. 

You can signup for a breakfast ride where we meet early in the morning and enjoy the sunrise with a fantastic breakfast. There are many great Veg and Non-Veg breakfast restaurants available in Mumbai. Cycling early morning is an excellent way to start your weekend. The city is the quietest early morning you can hear the sounds of waves as you cycle at Marine Drive. 

For those who would like to challenge themselves, we have Mumbai coastal ride a longer rider than usual covering the coastal area of south Mumbai and Queen of suburbs Bandra. Welcome the flamingos to Mumbai by early morning ride to Sewri. Cycling till the Mud Flats at Sewri, where flamingos arrive after migration journey. This ride takes you through some of the first places in Mumbai, which are still majorly untouched by development. A bustling port where once major ships were brought after they decommissioned to be broken and sold for scraps. 

All Mumbaikars can join our events in case you dont own a cycle. We provide a rental cycle for you. Participants with their bicycles, we have discounted pricing and give them a unique oppurtunity to cycle around Mumbai with people similar thinking. So what are you waiting for getting ready for a fantastic weekend with Treks and Trails India? Put on your jersey, wear your helmets, and lets hit the road.