Camping is the perfect way to get back to nature. Whether you're looking for a romantic weekend away or want some time off from your busy life, camping is the perfect solution. You can enjoy all of the great outdoors without ever having to leave home!

Our campsites are located in beautiful locations across the country and offer an array of activities to keep you entertained all weekend long. Choose from watersports, rappelling, kayaking and more. We even have evening tea and snacks, so you don't need to worry about packing any food! And if you don't feel like cooking dinner on Saturday night, we provide a delicious BBQ meal with live music too!
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Why you should go camping with Treks and Trails

Devkund waterfall trek and camping

devkund camping and trekking

Devkund waterfall trek and camping is a fantastic experience with perfect weather and the densely overgrown forest providing beautiful pictures of the plus valley. The experienced trek leader ensures you cross the stream safely and camp in the right spot. The experience will be excellent, and you recommend it to anyone looking for a unique outdoor time.



Karjat Lake Camping

Karjat Lake camping is a mind-blowing campground located in the Karjat area of Maharashtra, and it is regarded as paradise by nature lovers. You are going to love the drifting tent situated on the waterway nearby. You are also going to find thrilling exercises that are organized by the camp for your excitement. 


The camp has tents with lights and comfortable mattresses, toilets, lakeside camping, hot and cold shower, and so on. Some top activities to try out while at the camp are hiking to the waterfall, an organic farm, a petting zoo, and a live band on select nights. It is also about 20km from Karjat station.


Igatpuri Lake Camping

Igatpuri Lake Camping is a top place to go if you want to try out fun watersports. The camp offers a wide range of watersports, such as kayaking, boating, cliff jumping, water tubing, and lake swimming. You will also experience picturesque sunset and sunrise views from the camp. 


There are also lots of fun activities that you will experience while in the field, such as the campfire, where you can have nighttime fun before you sleep. One of the best things not to miss while you are here is to go swimming early in the morning while you enjoy the enchanting sunrise scenery. The Igatpuri Lake Camping is an ideal destination for camping close to Mumbai.


Pawna Lake Camping


Pawna lake camping offers campers a mild and cold climate, stunning scenery, and rich historical forts that you can explore. The lake is the most famous in Lonavala, and it offers a lovely camping experience that will leave you mesmerized. Pawna Lake Camping is a hotspot for both locals and tourists. 

It attracts thousands of visitors every year, looking for fun, kayaking, camping, sport, and culture. The Pawna Lake Camping is located in a lovely location that is surrounded by mind-blowing mountain lakes, caves, nearby forts, adventure resorts, and watersport activities to try out. The camp is among the top camping spots close to Mumbai and Pune, which makes it an excellent destination for a weekend getaway from the city. Pawna camp is great for family, corporate groups or friends to bond.


Bhandardara Lake Camping


This camping spot is found in Sahyadri ranges close to Igatpuri in the western ghats of India. The camp is popularly known for its night sceneries, and it will surely leave your mind blown away—Bhandardara camp is surrounded by mountains, beautiful waterfalls, and lakes waiting for you to discover them. 

Bhandardara camping features adventure sports activities to try out, a bonfire with good music, mountain trekking activities, a tent to stay in, and various sports activities such as football, volleyball, etc. Bhandardara lake camping is considered the best tourist attraction not to miss while in Bhandardara, and you will find the camp in the Purushwadi area.

The highlight of the campsite is that it is located in one of the darkest spots in the state, which means there is less light pollution, and you will be able to discover the most ominous night sky possible. 

You can spot the Milky Way with your naked eyes, create numerous star trails, and picture the galaxies that cannot be seen from the city. The camp is a top destination for astrophotography lovers as you will take lovely pictures of star trails and the Milky Way from here.


Kolad River Rafting


Kolad is a top tourist destination in Maharashtra mainly because of the watersport activities you can try. The river is located in a serene but thrilling location as you can try out adventure activities such as rappelling, rafting, rock climbing, kayaking, and so on. The area's highlight is the Kundalika River, a top place to try out water rafting in Kolad. 

The river is among the south's fastest-flowing rivers, making it a great place to try out adventure sports and watersports. You will also find magnificent forts, waterfalls, and dams that surround the river waiting for you to discover them. You will also find various tour groups around the river that offer authentic rafting adventures that you can join.