About Vaitarna Lake Camping

Just three hours away from the metropolitan city of Mumbai, snuggled up in the Western Ghats, Igatpuri Camping Star Trails is a great place to mingle with nature. And the best way to do that is by camping in its wilderness. Located near Ghoti Igatpuri, it is the perfect weekend getaway amidst natural beauty and astounding flora and fauna.

Chill like a baddie at this top-secret lakeside campsite, which is concealed within a dense forest away from human settlements. Don’t worry, this campsite is not so hidden that you may never arrive there. The camp is orchestrated adjoining the lake and has cozy tents where you will be staying for the night. The tents are pitched on a heightened plain, confronting the lake. so that you wake up to a surreal view. The lake overflows with water throughout the year. The bank of the Star Trails Lake Camping in Igatpuri is one such perfect campsite where you can not only bask in a refreshing aura but can also partake in a wide array of thrilling night activities like BBQ and Campfire. 

The campsite is ideal for camping near Mumbai, camping near Nashik.

Cost (without transport)

  • Child (4 to 9 yrs): Rs. 999/- (per person)
  • Adult (9 yrs and above): Rs. 1399/- (per person)

Vaitarna Lake Camping Event Details

  • Camping near Ghoti Igatpuri
  • Location: Upper Vaitarna Dam
  • Tent Stay
  • Unlimited Veg / Non-Veg Dinner
  • Limited Barbecue or Fried Item (Veg/ Non-Veg (200 grams per person)
  • Morning breakfast
  • Boating, Kayaking & Swimming with Life Jackets Experience
  • Lake Tubing Fun (Using Your Hand)
  • Coracle Fun Ride
  • Air Rifle Shooting
  • Archery
  • Lakeside enjoyment
  • Night Trek Around the Campsite
  • DJ Music (Basic System only on Saturday Night)
  • Selfie Point
  • Campfire
  • Indian & Western basic Washroom
  • Sports activity
  • Bonfire in the Night for 3 Hrs. only
  • Team Building Games
  • Special Lighting Decoration at the Campsite
  • No Jain Food

Vaitarna Camping Itinerary

Day 1 - Saturday

  • 03:00 pm - Check-in at the campsite
  • 03:30 to 05:00 pm Start with water (only 1 time Saturday or Sunday)
  • 04:30 pm - Indoor and Outdoor Games
  • 05:30 pm - Snacks and Tea
  • 06:00 pm - Tent Allotment
  • 06:30 pm - Watch Sunset and Relax in your tent.
  • 07: 30 to 08:30 pm – Barbeque or Fried Item (Limited – Veg / Non-Veg)
  • 09:30 pm to 10:30 pm - Dinner (Veg / Non-Veg)
  • 10:30 pm to 11:30 pm - Night Trek around the Property (approx. 1 Hour)
  • 10: 00 pm - Bonfires and Music
  • 10:00 pm to 12:30 am - DJ Music (Basic System)
  • 12:30 am to 06:00 am – Silent Zone

Day 2 – Sunday:

  • 06:30 am - Wake up and freshen up.
  • 07:00 am - Sunrise View
  • 09:00 am - Breakfast and Tea (Poha)
  • 09:30 am -Start with water sports (only 1 time Saturday or Sunday)
  • 11:00 am - Check out from the campsite.

Please Note

  • You can carry your own blanket (if you want)
  • Watersports will be for only 1 time (Saturday or Sunday)
  • No Jain Food is available at the Campsite
  • BBQ or Fries Item are available only for Weekends
  • This Is Row Campsite So Please Don’t Expect Any Luxurious Food or Facilities.
  • About Road 2 km Is completely of Road Experience we have Another Option for Parking opposite campsite for Parking
  • For Weekdays there will be limited peoples

Campsite Amenities:

  • Water Sports Activities Outdoor Games Nature
  • Parking
  • Filtered Water
  • Blankets & Bedsheets
  • Photo Shoot Points
  • Overnight Safety
  • Western & Indian Washrooms
Overnight Available on request
What we'll give/What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Evening Snacks, Dinner (Veg and Non-veg), and Morning Breakfast
  • Limited Barbecue or Fried Item (Veg / Non-veg)
  • DJ Music (Basic System)
  • 1 Time Watersports (Saturday or Sunday)
  • Tent Stay on a sharing basis with a camping mat
  • Campfire
  • Indian and Western toilets are available

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Any transportation
  • Lunch for day 1.
  • Jain Food
  • All kinds of Extra Meals / Drinks Ordered
  • Insurance, tips, Porters, bottled mineral water, aerated drinks, etc.
  • Any kind of personal expenses
  • Any kind of cost, which is not mentioned in the cost, includes above
  • All expenses incurred due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances like roadblocks, bad weather
  • Any medical / Emergency evacuations if required
Things to Carry
Things to Carry
  • Face mask (must)
  • Hand sanitizer and spray (must)
  • Torch with extra batteries
  • Blanket
  • Extra pair of clothes & towel
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Warm clothing (during winter)
  • Personal medicines (if any)
  • Mosquito repellent cream
  • Sun cap and Sunscreen
  • Identity proof (must)

Cancellation Policy

  • 75% refund if notified via phone conversation 8 or more days prior to the event date.
  • 50 % refund if notified via phone conversation 4 to 7 days prior to the event date.
  • No refund if the cancellation requested is less than 3 days prior to the event date
  • No show No Refund.
  • Event Tickets cannot be transferred to another date against cancellation.
  • Event Tickets cannot be transferred to another person against cancellation.
  • If Trek gets canceled, we will refund the "Trek Amount" only.
  • If the event is canceled due to any natural calamity, political unrest or other such reasons beyond our control the same cancellation policy will apply.

Treks and Trails Event Rules

  • Kindly carry one Identity proof, at least for the trek with your address.
  • We all are going for an adventurous and exciting trekking expedition; please Do Not misinterpret it as a PICNIC or LEISURE TOUR.
  • The leader's decision will be final, and all the members should abide by it.
  • We do not destroy or dirty the archaeological, historical monuments, or natural habitats on the trek.
  • Swimming is not allowed in the lake or water tank on the forts. Locals use that water for drinking.
  • Putting your feet in water tanks or on the canon is not allowed on our treks.
  • Any addiction is strictly prohibited, e.g. drinking, smoking, chewing tobacco anyone caught doing it will have to exit the trek without a refund and travel back at his own expense.
  • People caught smoking or drinking alcohol will be asked to exit the event on an immediate basis.
  • Please do not carry or wear any valuables, ornaments, jewelry, etc. If carried, then we Do Not take any liability for the same.
  • Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Trekking, or any adventure activity is potentially risky. For all these events, you are at your own risk. Organizers are not responsible for any accident or compensation in whatsoever manner.
  • We should strictly follow the code of conduct to avoid troubling our fellow trekkers or other people from our group or outside.
  • Listening to music on earphones or Bluetooth speakers is not allowed while trekking.
  • Bluetooth speakers are not allowed inside the homestay
  • Drinking/smoking,/eating is not allowed inside the tents.
  • If you damage the tent or break the tent poles, you will have to pay us for the whole new tent on MRP.
  • If you are late for the bus pickup and are not reachable on the phone during your bus pickup, the trek leader will leave without you, and we will provide no refund.
  • Please check things to carry and wear trekking shoes on our treks. 
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is alcohol allowed?

We do not serve/supply alcohol but you can carry your own stuff.

2. Is the campsite safe for women?

The campsite is completely safe for women & children. The campsite staff is present at the campsite at all times to assist you.

3. Will the food be enough & can I order if I need more?

The food we provide is in a very good quantity & does not fall short. In case you want to order something extra it can be done by paying at the campsite directly.

4. How is the mobile network at the campsite?

The mobile network is good for calling. Data network is average.

5. Are there wild animals nearby?

There are no wild animals around.

6. Are unmarried couples allowed?

Camping is meant for all to experience hence we do not have any such restrictions.

7. Who are the staff at the campsite?

The staff at the campsite are locals who manage & maintain the campsite. They will be there throughout your stay to assist you. We believe camping is best experienced when you get to know the locals & their culture.

8. How to reach Vaitarna Lake Camping?

We will provide google maps location after booking you can follow the GPS coordinates to reach the campsite. Our campsite manager number will also be shared for any assistance required. 


Vaitarna Lake Camping

Outdoor recreational activities are gradually gaining momentum. These days millennials prefer spending time in nature in the form of hiking or camping rather than visiting malls. If you are someone who wants to venture out in the outdoors for leisure and recreation, which does not include strenuous physical activities, then camping is the spot-on scene for you. Maharashtra is brimming with campsites around Mumbai and Pune. An hour and a half's drive away from Mumbai will ship you to one of the most surreal campsites of Treks and Trails. The Vaitarna Lake campsite is settled right at the heart of the most picturesque scene, enclosed by the Sahyadri Mountains, a crystal clear lake and boondocks of verdant greenery. Encircled by rich green scenes, Vaitarna Lake Side is an outstanding retreat for all the nature darlings who couldn't imagine anything better than synchronizing with the glee of natural magnificence.

If you need a much deserved break from your berserk urban life and can’t go for a long vacation, then Vaitarna Lake Camping is for you. It is a real treat for everyone who signs up with us, Vaitarna Lake camping is everything that one can ask for and more. Vaitarna Lake Camping is curated to cater to the needs of everyone keeping in mind the comfort and fun level, which is always high. You get to stay in tents, go for a hike, take part in games and Astro as well as landscape photography, appreciate wilderness, and light your campfire and savour traditional meals. Bounce in the water to beat the summer blues, hum, groove and hop to your favourite tunes and lounge around the bonfire to beat the night chills. Sounds exciting? No doubt!! Join Treks and Trails for some more surprises and fun. 

Best seasons to visit Vaitarna Lake Camping

Due to the most serene climate, Vaitarna is the most loved spot to be visited all-round the year. Vaitarna Camping turns lively post monsoons with an abundance of rich foliage. The ideal opportunity to camp here is in the winters, which loosen up from November to March, with evening temperatures traversing from 12 to 15 degrees. That is, even more, the reason to get comfortable near the campfire and snuggle up in tents. After the widely inclusive winter, summer continues for just two months between April and May. That being said, the environment is a superb 18 to 20 degrees during the day, and the evenings are wonderfully nippy with a show set up by fireflies.


Plan for the day at Vaitarna Camping

Envision camping along the edge of Vaitarna Lake and treat yourself with a lovely perspective on Sahyadri ranges, turquoise waters of Vaitarna lake and swaying trees. Then add music, wonderful dusk, open-air fire and a few games and you have cooked yourself a lovely memory worth imparting to other people and entice them to embark on the excursion too. During this Vaitarna Lakeside Camping, you will experience the tweeting of feathered animals, fabulous viewpoints on nature, calm sunset and a magnificent stargazing experience, far away from the hustle of city life.

Our campers are welcomed early to increase the time spent at the Vaitarna campsite and have a great time unbounded. The site moreover incorporates parking space, hygienic washrooms, which are sterile and clean, for all the visitors. The tents are pitched at a stature confronting the lake and mountains. The tents are roomy and comfortable with sleeping pads, cushions and covers. Each tent is divided among a few group contingents based on the accessibility. After you are designated the tents, at sundown, by the lake relish a few bites and sweltering refreshments while looking at the sun melting behind the mountains. The tents overlook the peacefulness of the landscape with clear skies that are home to gazillion sparkling stars.

Vaitarna Lake Campsite is the best campground for Landscape, Astrophotography and Star Trails Photography. This is because Vaitarna has less light pollution and it is arranged in presumably the darkest spot in Maharashtra. We guarantee you a seven billion starry experience. There is also the provision of DJ and live music for all the campers. The meals are authentic local food prepared by the villagers of Vaitarna. This ensures some income for the natives, for their hospitality and empowers them to sustain their business. Also, a short climb orchestrated for the campers post supper.

After the hike, we set up the campfire and talk the night away with experiences and harrowing tales. Wake up to the music of birds. Right when you get up in the morning, make sure to take the video of spellbinding perspective when you open your tent. Have a hearty breakfast and engage in dart and bolt based weaponry games planned. After which you can click more selfies and groupies.


Why visit Vaitarna Lake Campsite

The Vaitarna Lake Campsite is adorned with encompassing tall trees which adds to the lavish green excellence of the site. With charming thick woods, an interesting tidal pond close to the dam and a lovely environment makes Vaitarna Lake an ideal spot for a casual excursion. The huge scope of the Dam is scintillatingly beautiful. This superb camping place is an incredible abode to beat all the work and city stress and simply feel revived and restored to the bones. Camping on the edge of this lake is a pleasurable pursuit that will land you directly in the lap of staggering landscape and loosening up environs. Lean back and chill under an elegant sky on this energizing trip! Away from the quick moving-hurrying around of the city, camping close to Mumbai is the best departure that one can get from normal life. Camping around Mumbai can end up being an invigorating encounter while you will be resting under the stars.


Places to see nearby Vaitarna Lake?

In the vicinity of Vaitarna are several tourist attractions like Tringalwadi fort, Trimbak, and Harihar Fort, a paradise for hikers and rock climbers. Nashik is also the domicile to India's most respected Shirdi Saibaba Temple, Bhandardhara Plateau and Lake, and enormous mountain ranges. Tansa Lake, Myanmar Gate and Vipassana Centre are some of the other places you can visit in the proximity 


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