After long and tiresome working weekdays, we all deserve a relaxing weekend to rejuvenate our minds and bodies. So, it's better to find for yourself locations around Mumbai that you can visit for a small and de-stressing weekend getaways. To enjoy your break we always need to keep our weekend plans handy, selecting the places we want to visit such as hills for trekking, tree houses, or adventure parks. 

Top three driving destination near Mumbai

Dive into the weekend spirit and find your best getaway near Mumbai to get the break you deserve:-

1. Igatpuri

This quaint hill station is situated in the state of Maharashtra in the Western Ghats. Igatpuri hills are well connected with Mumbai by rails and roads. This hill station seems to be surrounded by the highest peaks in Sahyadri. Igatpuri is a wonderful place to visit forts that were built in the Satavahana Dynasty.

All you need is to fasten your seat belts and take a road trip for around 2 and a half hour. Interestingly, there are direct trains available to reach Igatpuri. Igatpuri hills are truly tempting to visit in all the seasons’ whether monsoons or summers. This enticing hill station is reorganized to make it scenic and its local food makes it more tourists’ friendly and the waterfalls work like magic.

Igatpuri hills cater to people who seek adventures like trekking, swimming and river rafting, and other sports activities. These are best for enjoying an undisturbed weekend with your family or friends. Just by making your booking online for hotels, resorts or luxurious pool villas you can make your trip unforgettable and memorable.

2. Guhagar

Guhagar is incredibly busy from August to December and February to May because of its beautiful scenic beaches and fresh air. It is situated in the states of Maharashtra, about 290 km away from Mumbai in the Ratnagiri district. Easy transportation facilities like trains and comfortable roads make you reach there within six hours or so. 

The Guhagar beaches are very refreshing and underwater are fresh and crystal clear. Apart from sightseeing, you can enjoy delightful meals there; you can also explore some of the hilltop houses of Guhagar.

You can also visit Durga Devi temple, Vyadeshwar temple, Hevdi and Gopalgad hills in Guhagar. Guhagar is counted as on budget destination within Maharashtra that is also famous for its honeymoon locations.

3. Wai

Wai is a must-visit place for every Mumbaikars. This town is in the Satara District of Maharashtra, which is probability 232 kilometres away from Mumbai. Getting to Wai just takes around 4 and a half-hour by road or you can either take a train to reach Satara and then to Wai.

Wai is a famously known destination for its Bollywood shootings. Apart from being a shooting location visitors can enjoy thereby chilling out in places such as PagaTalim, Wakeshwar, Krishna Ghat and a lot more. 

Wai's eye-soothing beauty gives you an option to spend your weekend at splendid farmhouse cottages for rejuvenation. The cottages' locations ensure the ability of basic amenities. What's more amazing is an outdoor camping tent provides a delightful experience to taste home-made vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.

The traditional festival of Wai -‘KrishnabaiUtsav' is a must-see for every Mumbaikar.