Pune, the Marathas territory, has numerous sites to discover and is known for its majestic rock-strewn hills. The Western Ghats of Pune fall under the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges and has exclusive trails for amateur trekkers who want to enter into the magical universe of mountains. They have diverse trekking options in the form of historical forts, cave remnants, mountain tops, and much more. 

Treks range from simple excursions where you can take your family together to even strenuous ones that require climbing ropes; everyone has an option. The excellent treks near Pune will help you to unwind from monotonous urban life.

The Sahyadris of Pune are vibrantly hued with myriad shades of green and brown, making it a heavenly abode. Suppose you are looking for treks near Pune that will give you outstanding opportunities to sharpen your photography skills and an adrenaline rush. Rajmachi fort and Lohagad Fort are highly suggested. 

Torna and Rajgad are other exceptional sites you can trek to explore a striking view of the historical forts and pristine nature. The green trails trekking is a fantastic experience, and some of these trekking locations are a must-visit during the monsoons because of the dense greenery and picturesque scenes. 

Unique places for trekking near Pune