Pune, the territory of the Marathas

This place has numerous sites to discover and is known for its marvellous rock-strewn hills. The Western Ghats of Pune, which fall under the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges, have exclusive trails for amateur trekkers who want to enter the magical universe of mountains. They have diverse trekking options in the form of historical forts, cave remnants, mountain tops, and much more. Treks range from simple ones where you can take your family together to strenuous ones that require ropes to climb; there is an option for everyone. The wonderful treks near Pune will help you unwind from the monotonous urban life.

The Sahyadris of Pune are vibrantly hued with myriad shades of green and brown, which makes it truly a heavenly abode. If you are looking for treks near Pune that will not only give you outstanding opportunities to sharpen your photography skills but also an adrenaline rush, Rajmachi Fort and Lohagad Fort are highly suggested. Torna and Rajgad are two other exceptional sites you can trek to explore a striking view of the historical forts and pristine nature. The green trails for trekking are an amazing experience, and some of these trekking locations are a must-visit during the monsoons because of the dense greenery and picturesque scenes.

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Pawna Lake Camping 2022 

Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake Maharashtra is one of the best camping sites near Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai & Pune. We provide the best service near Pawna lake with tents right next to the lake. Camping in nature is the best way to celebrate the weekend with friends, family, corporate groups, and college groups. Hurry up and book seats for one of the most unique experiences you could have. Treks and Trails Pawna lake camping reviews are the best among all campsites with friendly staff, Delicious food and barbeque, live music, clean tents, couple friendly, clean toilets. Pawna lake camping booking group discounts are available, and corporate camping arrangements are available


Lonavala Canopy Camping

Lonavala Canopy Camping

Lonavala is one of the best weekend destination near Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai & Pune. We provide the best service near Lions point with tents. Camping in a tent is the best way to celebrate the weekend with friends, family and college groups. Hurry up and book seats for having one of the most unique experience you could have.

Canopy Camping Details

  • Western toilets available
  • Sharing tent stay with mat and blanket
  • Location: Lonavala (near Lions point)
  • ATV Ride (3 kms jungle track) and Ball Fight available with extra cost

Cost (without transport)

  • Child (below 10 yrs): Rs. 1000/- (per person)
  • Adult (10 yrs and above): Rs. 1500/- (per person)


 Kamshet Paragliding Acro Tandem

Kamshet Paragliding Acro Tandem

Kamshet is globally acclaimed among the paragliding community for profoundly reasonable geology and exceptional climate with many take-off sites. Likewise, it is for low stature slopes that give plenty of level spaces for a comfortable landing an ideal learning location while also yielding the most noteworthy trained paragliding pilots in the nation. The top-notch paragliding location pulls in an enormous number of flying-sport fans to Kamshet from across the world with taking off over the delightful open country, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Kolad River Rafting at Kundalika River

Kolad River Rafting at Kundalika River

Start your day with adventure water sport facing a mad monsoon river for 12 km with striking rapids experience fear and joy with White Water Rafting. Kolad River Rafting on Kundalika River started a few years ago, and now it is a year-round activity Only rafting facility in India to be operational all-round the year. Kolad River Rafting at Kundalika River is about 4 hrs drive from Pune and Mumbai.

Kolad White Water Rafting on Kundalika river, Kolad is controlled by the release of the Rawalje Dam water on the Kundalika River and offers Grade II and Grade III rapids Higher the Grade, higher the level of difficulty. 

Kolad River Rafting Details

  • Kundalika Kolad River Rafting Rapids from Level 1 to level 4
  • Total Kolad River Rafting Distance: 10 - 12 Km
  • Duration: 2 hrs - 2.5 hrs (Depending on the speed of the water)
  • Grade: Medium
  • Endurance Level: Medium
  • Swimming skills: Not required
  • Previous experience: Not necessary
  • Cost: Rs. 2400/- (per person)


Satara Tour

Kaas Plateau Valley of Flowers

Kaas Plateau Valley of Flowers

Kaas Plateau Tour also known as Valley of Flowers of Maharashtra. Kaas Plateau is situated on the high hills of Sahyadri in the Western Ghats. Best time to visit Kas pathar is mid of August to early October. The whole plateau looks like a carpet in various shades. It's a unique place for flora researchers, nature lovers & photographers. Near about 175 various flower species found at Kaas Plateau and one of the few found on earth only at Kaas Plateau. In June 2012, UNESCO has announced this location as a Biodiversity World Heritage Site.


The term Sajjan actually means kind hearted or a gentle. And if the word GAD is added - which means fort. Then name of the fort actually means fort of kind people. Sajjangad as a fort has a lot of religious importance than historical importance. This fort was known by the name of Asvalayana Rishi, since he lived here for many years long ago. Sajjangad was earlier also known as Aswala gad. Aswala in marathi means a wild bear. Could be because of wandering bears in ancient time in this area. The fort was made by Bahmani emperors in between (1347-1527) and also under the command of Adil Shah and the Mughals. Sajjangad was a name that was bestowed by Shivaji Maharaja and requested Shri Ramdas Swami to set up his monastery. Shri Ramdas Swami has his final resting place here. Sant Ramdas was a social reformer, spiritual poet, and teacher, gifted composer, writer. Whose teachings are being followed even today in Maharashtra.

Thoseghar Waterfall

Thoseghar is very famous for its high Waterfalls. one of which is around 500 meters tall. Thoseghar is a wonderful place for nature lovers. These Waterfalls are very attractive and creates a loud noise in the calm nature.


To get to Kalyangad we have to first travel to Nandgiri which is 3km from Satara city approx. Continue walking to tar road till you reach Dhumalwadi and start climbing the fort from here. On the way approx half way up you will come across a huge cave. During the monsoon season and even after that there seems to be knee deep water filled here. Trekkers are request to use head lamp or torch if you plan to have a peek inside to explore the Parshwanath idol. Also located is the cave with the idol of Dattatreya. It should take approx 45 mins to climb further up. We come across a huge lake on top and a Ganesh temple. The height of Kalyangad is 3533 ft above sea level.