Huddled up between two metropolises of Maharashtra, Pune, and Mumbai, Kamshet is continuously swamped with daredevils looking to chill following a hectic week. The enormous open spaces, good flying and landing locales, and consistent and unsurprising climate conditions are what make Kamshet one of the top paragliding spots in western India. The landscape of Kamshet is honored with a charming atmosphere, bounty of green cover, peaceful lakes, and undulating hills that set the pace pretty much ideal for paragliding here. Adventurers visit Kamshet reliably to enjoy paragliding here and to rule the clear blue skies. If you are an experience seeker or someone who wants to taste the euphoria of flying, then you should visit the paragliding paradise of Maharashtra that is Kamshet.

Kamshet is globally acclaimed among the paragliding community for profoundly reasonable geology and exceptional climate with many take-off sites. Likewise, it is for low stature slopes that give plenty of level spaces for a comfortable landing an ideal learning location while also yielding the most noteworthy trained paragliding pilots in the nation. The top-notch paragliding location pulls in an enormous number of flying-sport fans to Kamshet from across the world with taking off over the delightful open country, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Acro Tandem Ride

You know the thrill of a rollercoaster, correct? Presently, envision a similar rush x 100. I can't imagine that, right? Because you need to encounter it yourself. An Acro Ride is a rollercoaster ride high up in the air.

Brace and Behold yourself, revel in the thrill, fly in the air, get detached from the ground, and share the same sky with several birds. Taste the exhilaration and rush of adrenaline with high speeds and G-forces in this one of its kind tandems. The Pilot will perform high-altitude Acrobatic maneuvers with high speeds and G-forces. This is for the individuals who need to feel the rushes and surge of acceleration. If you are weakly hearted, this is not made for you; this Acro Joyride is for those who wish to test their adrenaline.

Our certified Acro pilots expertly and securely perform this gravity power round of rapidly fluctuating elevation. It is the best-fit for adrenaline surge courageous addicts. The Acro tandem flight isn't like the other two flights. The significant contrast is that you will be joined by a certified and experienced Acro pilot who will make you experience different energizing gymnastic and acrobatics moves mid-air. The duration of this ride is of around 20 minutes, and you will get a high portion of adrenaline surge in this time frame. In an Acro Ride, the Pilot is turning vertical over the center of the lightweight plane as many times as you want. These days there are near 30 various existing stunts and moves.

Taste the adrenaline siphon of Acro paragliding in the sky above Kamshet. Experience how the elements and the energy of this unique tandem paraglider will be during various moves. You don't have anything else to do except to appreciate the adrenaline surge! Let your Pilot dazzle you with a free-form. This tandem is for the individuals who can't help thinking about how it is to go on a thrill ride, just you, your Pilot, your delightful plane, and strong winds!

Acro is not every Pilot's cup of tea, and it takes a ton of involvement, training, experience, and a lot more nerve to maneuver the glider with high G-force. Watch our pilots smoothly take you on this crazy, nerve-wracking ride while you shout your lungs out. Sounds evil? Nah, it's a merely substantial surge of unadulterated adrenaline. If you love extreme adventure sports, then this is your opportunity to have the best one ever. If you want it to be milder, just let us know before you take off! One of our best pilots will fly with you and perform the maneuvers. This the perfect quick fix for all you hard-core adrenaline junkies.



20 Hours Available on request