Weekends in Mumbai are quite happening. Mumbaikars are known to slog for the entire week and chill like a villain on the weekends. There is a new pop up in this city every other day. The never ending list includes bars, malls, parks, flea markets, cafes, beaches, film festivals, etc. There is an entire roster of activities in Mumbai that you can involve yourself in. Even if you don’t want to spend a single penny, you can just step out of your house and start walking in any direction. The streets of Bombay will never disappoint you. 

Among the myriad things to choose from, you will truly be spoilt for choice. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend their weekend partying, then you can stroll through the exotic bazaars of Bombay where you can find things never seen before at throwaway prices. Indulge in a Sunday family brunch at a Parsi or South Indian Café and head out hunting for historic landmarks as well as divine shrines of Bombay. One can even rent out cycles and ride away to places. Evenings should be dawdled away at the beaches while snacking on the famous Mumbai delicacies. This city has endless experiences to offer for one who seeks it.

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Mumbai Weekends Hikes

Devkund Waterfall Trek

mumbai weekend trips

Travelling to an exotic location can be expensive and time-consuming. It also means you have to take a lot of time off work. 
There’s a hidden waterfall in India that is gorgeous, and even locals don’t know about it. It’s such a hidden gem!
The Devkund Waterfall Trek offers a day trip that allows you to hike to this beautiful waterfall and picnic there without having to do the long and exhausting hikes to other popular waterfalls. So breathtaking!


Igatpuri Watersports and Camping

Igatpuri Watersports and Camping
You love hiking, but there aren’t many places to go, and you often don’t want to go to the same place twice because it’s not as interesting to hike through a place you already know. What if there was a better way to explore the world? Check out Igatpuri Watersports and Camping in India, a hidden camping destination surrounded by mountains and wildlife.


Mumbai Breakfast Cycling Ride

Mumbai Breakfast Cycle Ride

Rushing to work in the morning with limited time, missing all the best parts of the city. Mumbai has a lot to offer - from art galleries and historical landmarks to serene parks and architecturally spectacular buildings.

Explore Mumbai while riding a bicycle early in the morning. Start at Gateway of India, ride through iconic Marine Drive towards Nariman Point, go around Haji Ali, pass through CST railway station and head to Worli Sea Face. Cycle through Wilson college, end the tour by visiting Girgaum Chowpatty.


Kalsubai Trek

Kalsubai Trek

It's extremely difficult to get the permissions required to trek up to the Kalsubai Peak from your parents. But you know you'd love to go. The views from the top are spectacular, and the sunrise is out of this world.

It's the holiday season! You want to go trekking, but there are so many things to consider. You need to find a place, plan for water, food. It's tiring. There are so many treks in India, but what if you could find them all in one place?

Kalsubai Trek is the most popular trekking in India. We arrange everything for you, from car rentals, trek guides to food. If your location doesn't have the trek you're looking for, ask us to set up a special trek just for you.


Harihar Fort Trek

Harihar Fort

The less explored regions of the country hold their treasures, and it's a shame to miss them as a tourist because it takes a lot of time and effort in planning a trek. In the process of exploring these untouched destinations, you may end up taking a narrow route that is difficult to walk on, or worse, end up at a site that is not even worth visiting. The Harihar trek is a great way to explore a beautiful place outside busy cities.



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