Adventurous trek near Mumbai 

Are you planning a trek with friends? February is the best time to go trekking in Maharashtra. The place offers some fabulous trekking locations you can enjoy in groups. This time when the hill stations of North India are almost unreachable due to snow and frost, Maharashtra treks offer fantastic locations and pleasant weather. Plan your trek to these spectacular places where magnificent scenic beauty is waiting to unfold itself


Harihar Trek

Harihar located near Nashik city at an altitude of 3676 feet. This trek is famous as it passes through exceptional rock-cut stairs set at an 80-degree angle along the rock face. These steep stairs are challenging to climb and here lies the beauty of this trek. February is the best month to hike as the stairs are incredibly slippery and dangerous in the monsoons. This trek has everything to offer, from plains, forests and various high and low terrains. Get a nice pair of shoes and start the adventure!


Kalavantin Durg Trek

Kalavantin Durg located near Mumbai at an altitude of 2300 feet above sea level. It is the most dangerous fortress to climb as the path passes through steep rock-cut stairs without any rails for support. Trekkers surprisingly complete their trek holding ropes. If you are looking for something challenging and great difficulty level trek, then do try the Kalavantin Durg trek.


Gorakhgad Trek

Gorakhgad is a severe difficulty level trek located at 2135 feet above sea level, Thane. Gorakhgad is a small fort that never faced any battle. It has ample space for accommodation and named after Saint Gorakhnath. The forest cover around the fort comes alive with all different shades of green as you proceed from the base to the top. It has lush greenery to offer. It would be a fun-filled trekking experience in February.


Peb fort

Vikatgad is another name for the Peb fort located in Matheran. Peb is a beautiful trek passing along a railway track accompanied by multiple big and small waterfalls all through the way. The trek passing through the railway trek is a sole company all through the top. On reaching the top of the fort, one can experience the 360 degrees view of Matheran hills. It is famous for its caves, and it is an easy trek. This is a day tour to experience nature at its best.


Sandhan valley

Sandhan valley is an incredible trek located near Igatpuri. It is famous as the valley of shadows as the light doesn't pass through its creeks below. It is a descending valley trek deep down to 200 feet. The valley plays hide and seeks with the sunlight creating a spooky effect. It is a favorite destination for adventure lovers. February is the best time to enjoy this trek as summers are sweltering and humid and monsoons descend dangerous and slippery. This fantastic trek with hike and slope down all through rocky patches is moderately difficult. All these locales are best to feel the adrenaline rush and to witness spell bounding natural beauty all in one!