Camping with friends, You deserve to have some fun! Camping in winter is the best way to do so, and you will enjoy the beautiful outdoors and have a great time with your friends.

No camping gear is needed. With Treks and Trails Camping, all you need to bring is your sense of adventure and your camping necessities (like food, drink, and extra clothes). Our tents have all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, including mattresses and pillows.

Beautiful locations, We offer camping at places that are usually off-limits to visitors, which means you'll experience nature in its purest form. You'll enjoy boating, star gazing, movie screening and live music. After a tiring day of exploring, we serve fantastic food that makes you feel at home.

Group discounts, We offer group discounts, so it's easier for everyone to plan their camping trip together. Book early for the best rates!

Lakeside camping

Pawna tent camping

Pawna tent camping

Camping with Treks and Trails, experience the best Pawna tent camping facilities in Pawna with our bespoke tents with all the amenities, gadgets, and activities you need!

Camping made easy, Pawna Treks and Trails has made Camping easier by providing you with a wide range of tents and accessories. You can visit our website or contact us to get prices and availability.

We have crafted a unique experience for every outdoor enthusiast. If you are looking for an exclusive camping experience, Pawna is the place for you! Our campsite provides a variety of entertainment like live music, movies, barbecue etc.

There is something for everyone. Camping brings people together - no matter who you are or your interests may be, at Pawna, there's always something to do!